Woodland Theme Setup for Your Father

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There are lots of ways to celebrate Father’s Day: fishing, cookout, and a baseball game are just a few options from the immense variety. Regardless of what preferences your Dad (grandpa, father-in-law, or husband) has, he would definitely love to have a good time with those he loves. Since dinner is a good way to get the entire family together, we’ve got you covered with this Woodland Theme setup, which will add a nature-inspired flair into your celebration. In this blog, you’ll learn how to recreate this tablescape.


When it comes to tablescapes, linens function as a “background”. Thus, whenever you are looking to achieve a pulled-together look, don’t skimp on tablecloths and runners. That said, if you are not sure of how your linens will pair with the rest of decorations, bet on neutrals, as we did. Since it is a woodland-inspired theme, you’ve got only a few options: cotton, polyester, burlap, and gingham. We’ve chosen our beige polyester tablecloth, which has created a perfect foundation for wooden accessories and greenery. In order to add a visual interest into our ensemble, we’ve placed our black/white gingham table runner, which is a perfect embodiment of everything rustic.

Woodland Theme Setup

Place Settings

Once the linens were in place, we’ve proceeded with the place settings. Since we’ve set the ball rolling with neutrals, introducing a colorful splash through the place settings was crucial. To play up the checkered design of our table runner, we’ve gone for our white square dinner plates (alternatively, you can give a chance to our square black plates). It should be noted that square plates are not obligatory here – for example, you can experiment with our rustic wooden slices, eco-friendly tableware, or metallic wooden textured chargers.

Woodland Theme Setup

The next step was napkins. Since it’s a woodland-inspired theme, we’ve decided on our willow green polyester napkins, which can make anybody nostalgic about soothing hours at the river bank. We haven’t invented the wheel with any napkin folds, because the given theme requires simplicity. Our gray dessert plates placed atop the napkins have echoed the gray checks on our table runner while our silver hammered-design cutlery has spruced things up with their textured design. Our white coffee mugs have reminded us about those charming evenings around the campfire. On top of that, those chalkboard signs have naturally blended in with the surroundings.

Woodland Theme Setup

Centerpiece Décor

When it comes to woodsy setups, classic rose flower bouquets or ornate candle holders are not an option. Instead, it is a perfect excuse to give way to your creativity. You can run a greenery chain across your table or create a dimensional centerpiece with the help of our rustic wooden slices. Our extensive selection of naturals is a nice place to draw inspiration from and to stock up on the needed accessories. Since we needed holders for our votives, we’ve decided to display our wooden candle holders styled with natural burlap ribbons – available in a range of sizes, they have instantly transformed the entire setup into a spectacle of style and dimension.

Woodland Theme Setup

Once the candle holders were on the table, we’ve moved on to the final touches. To this effect, we’ve scattered pine cones, pieces of bark, and rattan balls all over the table (these have beautifully complemented our candle holders and have made our setup even more similar to a forest scene). For a refreshing touch, we’ve filled the leftover gaps with our reindeer moss, which helped us to acquire a cohesive look in an instant.

Woodland Theme Setup

As you can see, that’s all it takes to deck out a woodland-inspired setup. Refreshing yet simplistic, it’s a perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day. It should be noted that it’s not the only way to set up a woodsy tablescape – fortunately, our online store provides plenty of room for experiments!

Was this blog useful to you? Do you have any questions? Or, maybe, you have some suggestions on the given setup? Please let us know in the comment below!

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