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108" Sequin Tablecloths


108" Sequin Tablecloths


Since the dawn of the time, we’ve been attracted by all things glitter, whether it is a waterfall, sparkling in the sun, or a glittery branch. If you are dreaming about bathing in glitter, but stocking up on rare gems is not that budget-friendly, you shouldn’t look any further than our 108" round sequin tablecloth collection. Featuring thousands of sequin rounds, which are intricately stitched onto a translucent fabric, our sparkly tablecloths will win your heart with their irrefutable charm.

Available in a variety of shades, these glitter table covers will bewitch your guests, whether used on their own or in combination with plain linens. Whenever you are looking to entertain everybody with a Gatsby-style event, we are at your service with our gold premium sequin round tablecloth – this gold sequin round tablecloth is a perfect match for our black polyester chair sashes and napkins. In case none of your celebrations go without a glass of champagne, make no mistake – our champagne premium sequin round tablecloth will instantly impart your venue with a spirit of festivity. For a pop of color, you can choose from our purple premium sequin round tablecloth, burgundy premium sequin round tablecloth, or fuchsia premium sequin round tablecloth, to name just a few!

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that most of glittery accessories are expensive. Luckily, with our collection of budget-friendly sequin table linens, you will easily transform your lackluster party area into an enchanted extravaganza of dancing lights. Please hit up our collection to stock on the much needed sequin table cover!  

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