120" Rosette & Petals Tablecloths


120" Rosette & Petals Tablecloths

Needless to say, nothing can mark the importance of any occasion better than roses. If you are looking to cover your table linens with these elites in the world of florals, you don’t necessarily have to stitch thousands of rose heads onto a piece of luxury fabric– instead, you can just cover your table with a 120" rosette tablecloth from our rosette collection. Featuring multiple rosettes, which are intricately sewn onto glossy satin, our satin rosette tablecloth offers rich texture and lustrous sheen.

If you are head over heels over the classic wedding rosette tablecloth, we are at your service with our grandiose rosette 3d satin round tablecloth, which comes in more than fifteen shades. Whichever color you choose, like champagne, pink, or light blue, there’s no doubt, your table will become similar to a cake decorated with whipped cream roses. In case our grandiose rosette tablecloth doesn’t whet your visual appetite to the fullest extent, we can offer you our large rosette round Lamour satin tablecloth, which features giant satin roses. Whichever round rosette tablecloth you choose, like white/pink, silver, or white/blush, feel free to couple it with blossoms, pearls, and acrylic strings.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that you want to make your tablescape far from mediocre. With our rosette tablecloth collection, you can easily dress up your tables to the nines without breaking the banks. Whether you need an ivory rosette tablecloth or large dual-tone rosette linens, please don’t hesitate to stop by our collection now!

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