17" Taffeta & Velvet Napkins


17" Taffeta & Velvet Napkins

Augment the beauty of your tablescape by artistically arranging our 17" Taffeta & Velvet Napkins on top of chic charger plates. The seamless luster, subtle shimmer, and soft, delicate look of these table napkins will impart an imperial touch to your table décor while elevating the party ambiance to a whole new level of grandeur.

Nothing feels dreamier than having these pretty and plush taffeta dinner napkins on the table. Creatively fold our pintuck satin cloth napkins complementing them with the tablecloth or elegantly drape them off the edges of your table to add a splash of panache to your décor. Simply contrast your table napkins wedding and the tablecloth and give your guests a gratifying dining experience. Choose our vibrant fuchsia pintuck satin cloth napkins to go with a blush and gold décor scheme for your bridal showers and birthday parties. However, if you want to grace your dining tables using soft and subtle hues, go for our ivory pintuck satin cloth napkins and bring in an aura of elegance and grace to elevate your high-end events up a notch. For a chic and classy wedding reception setup, alternate our burgundy taffeta satin cloth napkins with black taffeta satin cloth napkins placing them on top of a white tablecloth to effortlessly make a grand statement. Simply mix and match different hues of table linens together with the lovely textural appeal of our crushed taffeta satin napkins to create a crisp, new look for all your special occasions.

Not only will these classy crinkle taffeta napkins flawlessly blend into your décor scheme but will also add a dramatic and classy charm augmenting the table aesthetics tenfold. Visit Tableclothsfactory and find your favorite table linens like 17" Taffeta & Velvet Napkins to add a personalized touch to the table setup.

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