17ft Satin Table Skirts


17ft Satin Table Skirts

Behold the beauty of our sumptuous 17ft satin table skirts draped around the banquet tables. Not only will these silky, soft, and sumptuous banquet table skirts hide the lanky table legs but will also add a decorative flair to the tablecloths creating a perfect celebratory mood.

The glossy shine and fascinating flair of these gathered fitted table skirts will perk up the luxuriousness of your tablescapes impressing your guests with their picturesque appeal. Perfect for all your high-end events and celebrations, the shimmering beauties of our white table skirt will make an impressive statement elevating the entire ambiance to a whole new level of grandeur. Be it our silver rosette satin table skirt or white pleated double drape satin table skirt, the glamorous appeal will surely transform your plain wedding tables into royal tablescapes. Even our simple yet elegant white satin pleated table skirt will exude an esteemed look when draped around the banquet tables or dessert tables showcasing your aesthetic style in the plushest way.

Whatever the theme or color scheme of your event, Tableclothsfactory brings you a plethora of alluring 17ft Satin Table Skirts and table linens to accentuate your special occasions. Choose an appropriate size from our wide collection of pleated table skirts and use our durable plastic table skirting clips to keep the drapes in place.  

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