20" Taffeta & Velvet Napkins


20" Taffeta & Velvet Napkins

Add a nod of elegance to your tablescape with our ultra-classy 20" Taffeta & Velvet Napkins. Not only will these chic linens flawlessly blend into your décor scheme but will also give your tablescape a soft, relaxed feel. Swathe your party tables with the majestic appeal of these imperial taffeta napkins and velvet napkins to make a personalized style statement.

Tie the plush taffeta fabric napkins in a beautiful knot to add a pretty pop of color to your table settings or drape them elegantly off the edges of your table to impart an esteemed look. Whatever way you choose, be sure to pick the best cloth napkins color that perfectly complements your table linen. 

Opt for our Damask flocking cloth dinner napkins to add a dash of contemporary elegance to your wedding reception party setup or imbue an elite charm into your casual dinner party tables using our fanciful crinkle taffeta cloth napkins. Alternate gold taffeta napkins with blush taffeta napkins on an ivory table cover and further enhance the mesmerizing appeal by arranging green garlands and charming candles along the center of your table.

We have crinkle taffeta dinner cloth napkins in all the lovely colors and textures for creating tantalizing tablescapes for your chic events and celebrations. Explore all the 20" Taffeta & Velvet Napkins available at Tableclothsfactory and pair them with other charming accents to accentuate your table décor up a notch.




1. Can a napkin be made of velvet ? 

Ans: Even without table overlays, your tables can still look wonderful and inviting, but you absolutely cannot omit gorgeous cloth napkins, which are one of the most crucial elements of dining table setups. In addition to being a great way to wipe up spilled food and drinks, linen napkins are also a great way to keep guests' clothing spotless as they eat and drink at dinner parties.

Soft velvet, polyester, satin, and cotton are just a few of the materials that can be used to make dinner napkins. Who says velvet cloth napkins for weddings can't provide a touch of sophistication to your home and party eating setup aside from your standard cotton fabric napkins? In fact, when it comes to big events and formal gatherings, velvet is among the most popular wedding napkins bulk.

Using these velvet napkins, which have a soft, textured feel and a lustrous shine, extend vivid colors and lavishness to each individual place setting at your event or party venue. Don’t think twice and incorporate these velvet dining table napkins into your tabletops so you can instantly heighten the aesthetics of your upcoming events and celebrations. 

2. What is the difference between luncheon and dinner napkins?

Ans: One of the favorite accents for all kinds of gatherings and special occasions are cloth square napkins. They set the mood and the general theme of the event, and are obviously quite useful during meals. There are several cloth napkin sizes, from a modest, casual luncheon cloth napkin to a bigger, more formal dinner cloth napkin. While your preferences may influence your choice of napkin size, there are some fundamental rules to keep in mind, such as the style and formality of your menu.

Larger napkins, such as 20-by-20-inch napkins, are often used for more formal settings, such as a holiday feasts, weddings, banquets, and high-end restaurant services. This is because dinner cloth napkins make it easier to fold intricate napkin designs and spread across your lap while dining. Regular-sized or luncheon napkins on the other hand are typically half the size of a dinner napkin and are ideal for a sit-down meal or buffet service. 

3. How to fold a 20 x 20 napkin ?

Ans: Looking for a fresh approach to spruce up your late-night Friday dinners and morning breakfasts, or planning to add attractive finishing touches to a fancy gathering? If so, you don't need anything extra to make your table setting look charming because your dining table top could benefit more from some intricate cloth napkin fold using velvet or crinkle taffeta napkins.

Folding a 20 x 20 taffeta cloth napkin into a beautiful pocket design is one of the easiest dinner napkin folds. By simply creating this classic napkin folding presentation with just a few simple folds, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can fit inside this easy yet fancy napkin folding: sweet-smelling herbs, your fancy cutlery, a piece of candy, or a note of gratitude.

To create a classic pocket, start by laying your crinkled designer napkins on the table and fold the top quarter under. After that, fold the bottom half of the cloth napkin up until it covers the edge of the top of the napkin. Next, flip your cloth napkins over and fold them into thirds. Finally, flip your dining napkin back over and place some name cards, menus, or cutlery.

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