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3x3 Boxes

Needless to mention, the best way to show your guests some appreciation and end your party on a high note is to give them lovely keepsakes upon their departure. Regardless of what you are going to give to your guests, a stylish package will never hurt. While it is sometimes difficult to prevent your package from being too small or too large, don’t fret – the wholesale favor boxes from our 3''x3'' collection will fit most of the wedding favors.

Depending on how many guests you are planning to invite, feel free choose from our 100pcs favor boxes, 25 pcs plastic favor boxes, or 50 pcs design favor boxes. At the same time, in accordance with your theme and event palette, you can decide between our solid-colored or designer 3''x3'' boxes. Thus, whenever you are looking for a perfect fit for your Scandinavian-inspired theme, we are at your service with our marble design 2 pcs favor boxes, which strikes a perfect match with greenery, dark wood elements, and other attributes of the Scandinavian theme. Meanwhile, our black favor box will bring some mystery into your celebration. Whichever wedding 3''x3'' favor boxes you choose, please bear in mind that all of them elegantly match with the ribbons, flowers, pearls, butterflies, and other additional decorations from our online store.

At tableclothsfactory.com, we understand that a poor-design gift container may ruin the best keepsake. With our collection of 3''x3'' gift boxes, you will not just avoid this but will also make your trinkets even more visually appealing. If we’ve tickled your fancy, please don’t hesitate to visit our 3x3 collection!

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