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52x84" Blackout Curtains

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52x84" Blackout Curtains


Curtains are a very important necessity in interior décor. Whether it’s a home, school, hotel or hospital, our blackout curtains will give you all the luxury that you deserve. You may ask “what is a blackout curtain?” Blackout curtains are an opaque fabric used to block out light. Made with 100% thermal insulation, these curtains are able to block harsh sunrays or very cold winds from distorting your natural room temperature.

Check out our blackout curtains for sale like white/navy blue cabana stripe curtains that will create a perfect ambiance and reduced light for when you sleep or watch your favourite movies during the day. For a more elegant interior décor, our white/yellow cabana stripe blackout curtains will beautifully adorn your windows leaving the whole room effortlessly breathtaking. Allow our white/baby blue cabana stripe blackout curtains to gracefully ornament your interior design for a bright and charming atmosphere.

You will love our 52x84” white/charcoal grey cabana stripe blackout curtains that makes a perfect color setting for those candle light dinners with your family or loved one. As a hotelier, your guests will love the design of your hotel rooms with our white/burgundy cabana stripe curtains  that will make your guests enjoy their stay. Order now for more of our bedroom blackout curtains that will naturally create a cozy ambiance for a good night sleep.

Our 52x84 blackout curtains are also perfect for dance recitals, concerts, photo studios, or restaurant wall separators. Also available are blackout curtains wholesale for all your bulk needs. Checkout more of our décor goodies like centerpieces, tablecloths, gift bags, confetti and many others here at tableclothsfactory.com.

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