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60" Crinkle Overlays


60" Crinkle Overlays

Back in the day, fashionistas did their best to remove those wrinkles from clothing. Today, these “imperfections” have been reconsidered – as a result, silky textures take a back seat while wrinkly fabrics, like crushed taffeta, hit the spotlight. If you are looking to demonstrate your knowledge of trends to everybody and want to add an interesting element into your plain linens without spending a fortune, please take our collection of 60" crinkle overlays into consideration.

Made from lustrous taffeta, our overlays feature multiple crinkles, which highlight that impeccable metallic glint of taffeta. Available in a variety of hues, our crinkle taffeta tablecloth will work well with any color palette. Thus, if you need a crinkle overlay, which exudes angelic innocence, we are at your service with our square blue taffeta crinkle table overlay, square serenity blue taffeta crinkle table overlay, and square white taffeta crinkle table overlay. Those who want to accentuate their chocolate brown polyester linens, shouldn’t pass by our square blush taffeta crinkle table overlay collection. To augment the visual appeal of your setup, feel free to couple this crushed taffeta tablecloth overlay with chocolate brown polyester napkins. 

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that the tabletop is the essence of any event décor. To dress it up to the nines, you don’t have to fork out on expensive linens – simply enhance the comeliness of your plain tablecloth by spreading our taffeta overlay atop. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to hit up our collection right away! 

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