60" Satin Table Overlays


60" Satin Table Overlays

You can glam up your wedding celebrations with our satin overlays. It is the luster of these overlays that will add radiance to your get-together. We provide elegant table overlays like our Square Lily Embossed Satin Table Overlays - to infuse utter magnificence into your bash.

Your guests will be fascinated with the soft touch and feel imparted by our Seamless Satin Square Tablecloth Overlays – placed neatly over your white tablecloth. You can create a similar effect with our Dusty Blue Seamless Square Satin Tablecloth Overlay or Violet Amethyst Seamless Square Satin Tablecloth Overlay. Just place these on a polyester tablecloth that is white or of any other light color – to create an impressive contrast for your tables! This is a wonderful way to add sophistication to your party decor!

Our Serenity Blue Seamless Satin Square Tablecloth Overlay will infuse timeless elegance into your function – with its soothing appeal. But this is not all. We also offer Orange Seamless Satin Square Tablecloth Overlays, as well as a Turquoise Seamless Satin Square Tablecloth Overlay to brighten up your banquet with their radiance. We offer seamless design to make your tables look stylish - besides providing protection to your tabletop!

At Tableclothsfactory.com, we strive to offer you products that will still look good for years to come. Our 60” satin overlays provide the right amount of material drape over the tape – to make your dining table look fashionable and trendy. We provide satin overlays for wedding cheap – in a vast array of beautiful colors to complement a party theme perfectly. Visit us – and choose a color to match your personal style!

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