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72" Crinkle Overlays


72" Crinkle Overlays

Do you still consider fabric crinkles to be a drawback and try your best to iron them out? Well, you will be surprised when our 70" crinkle overlays will blow you away. Crafted from lustrous taffeta, they are accented with thousands of lovely crinkles, that add texture and style to its overall look!

With the huge selection of colors, our taffeta overlay will never look out of place. Do your navy-blue linens need an accent? There’s no doubt – our ivory taffeta crinkle square overlay, white taffeta crinkle square overlay, or blush taffeta crinkle square overlay will definitely give them a second life. Are you looking to spruce up your simple white linens with a bolder hue? In our opinion, you shouldn’t look any further than our coral taffeta crinkle square overlay, navy-blue taffeta crinkle square overlay, coral taffeta crinkle square overlay, or fushia taffeta crinkle square overlay – feel free to combine these crinkle taffeta tablecloth overlays with white napkins, centerpiece flowers, and chair sashes. Those who are crazy about pastels won’t be able to neglect our blue taffeta crinkle square overlay, lavender taffeta crinkle square overlay, or pink taffeta crinkle square overlay.   

At tableclothsfactory, we know for sure how imperfections can beautify any décor. Thus, if you are looking to add some dimension to your tabletop, our crushed taffeta tablecloth is exactly what you need. Please drop by our crinkle overlay collection to see what we are talking about.

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