72" Satin Table Overlays


72" Satin Table Overlays

You can consider our satin table overlays as an easy way for incorporating majestic sheen in your party celebrations. We provide 72 X 72 table overlays to cover your impeccable tablecloths with considerable ease. Our elegant table overlays are seamless with stitched hemlines to make your tables look elegant and sophisticated.

Your guests will not be able to resist the captivating charm of our satin tulle overlay – as it will take them back in time to that golden era! Now, continue to fascinate them with our white waves style satin overlay – that looks splendid & fashionable always! Next, you may decide to keep it subtle with our red seamless satin square tablecloth overlay – that will make your celebration chic with its radiance!

Whether you use our navy blue seamless satin square tablecloth overlay or the burgundy seamless satin square tablecloth overlay – it would exude glamour to make your party look trendy. You may enhance this glam quotient with our champagne seamless satin square tablecloth overlay – that will make any event appear surreal! Just decide on the look you want for your reception – and our 72 satin overlays will provide it for you!

You would like your get-together to be special. At TableclothsFactory.com, we offer you satin overlays in the latest designs to impart a magical touch to your bash.  Visit us to choose Chevron, striped, embossed, tulle, waves, or plain designs to make your function amazingly beautiful!

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