72" Sequin Tablecloth Overlays


72" Sequin Table Overlays

Needless to say, lackluster tables can deprive any ambiance of that festive spirit. In case your linens are on the boring side, don’t rush to grab new ones – rather, you can elevate them to the new level of being lustrous with our collection of 72" grand duchess sequin overlays.

Available in a standard size to suit a classic round table, our sequin overlays feature millions of sparkly sequins, which are neatly stitched on a see-through fabric to leave no gaps. These glistening pieces will not just satisfy your visual cravings but will also make you surprised with their durability – all those sequin rounds won’t fall off right after their debut. With the enormous selection of colors, they will never look out of place, no matter how rare your theme is. For example, if you are looking to pep up your New Year’s Eve party with a rose gold sequin overlay, we can suggest you spread our blush sequin square overlay atop your black linens. Whenever you are looking to transform your Christmas table setup into a wintery extravaganza with a silver sequin overlay, please consider our silver sequin square overlay, which will be a perfect match for your emerald green linens. Meanwhile, our royal blue sequin square overlay will make you nostalgic about those refreshing moments near the river bank.

Like all things sparkle, sequins are associated with wealth. At tableclothsfactory, we are happy to free you from this stereotype. Whether you need a rose gold sequin overlay, champagne sequin overlay, or blush sequin overlay, please drop by our sequin collection now to see what we have to offer.

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