85" Organza Table Overlays


85" Organza Table Overlays

Dress up your tables to the nines by creatively layering pretty table linens like our 85" Organza Table Overlays. For this purpose, a table overlay is an ideal choice as it not only beautifies the tablescape but also protects the table or tablecloth.

Hosting an adorable elephant-themed girl baby shower? Decorate the dessert table by attaching a grey tulle tutu table skirt and spread a rose quartz organza overlay with sequin circle print on top for a charismatic display. If you want to set up a heartwarming sweetheart table, drape the table with a white tablecloth and layer it with a yellow satin edge embroidered organza table overlay generating a romantic visual appeal. Similarly, for your beach-themed wedding, opt for a coral organza overlay with sequin circle design spreading it on top of a blue tablecloth to exude a captivating allure. Moreover, to add a pop of color to your Mardi gras event table decor, stylishly layer turquoise satin edge embroidered organza table overlay and apple green satin edge embroidered table overlay on top of a white tablecloth elevating the tabletop decor to a whole new level of glitz and glamour.

At tableclothsfactory, we strive to provide premium quality linen overlay at affordable prices to help you create outstanding tablescapes. So, stop by our 85" Organza Table Overlays collection and elegantly augment your table aesthetics manifolds.

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