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90" Crinkle Overlays


90" Crinkle Overlays

Is your tabletop on the boring side? Fixing things up doesn’t necessarily involve purchasing a new tablecloth – rather, you can add some texture by spreading our 90" crinkle overlay atop your plain linens. Sewn from taffeta, which was accentuated by lovely crinkles, our taffeta overlay will bedazzle you with its metallic sheen even more than silk or satin.

With the rainbow of hues, you can easily find your desired color in our versatile  crinkle taffeta tablecloth overlay collection. Thus, for your fall tablescape, we can recommend beautifying your orange solid-colored linens with our burgundy taffeta crinkle square tablecloth overlay. To enliven your table with a spirit of sunshine, you shouldn’t look any further than our yellow taffeta crinkle square tablecloth overlay, which will remind you about gentle and caressing spring sun. Is there a girl baby shower on the horizon? Not a problem, you can choose from our pink taffeta crinkle square tablecloth overlay, blush taffeta crinkle square tablecloth overlay, or rose quartz taffeta crinkle square tablecloth overlay. Are you looking for a bunch of crinkle overlays, which are reminiscent of a crushed chocolate bar? There is no better option than our chocolate taffeta crinkle square tablecloth overlay – pair them with your creamy or ivory linens, and you are on the way to the best chocolate party ever!

At tableclothsfactory, we strive to make your dreams come true. If you dream about adding more texture into your plain setup, we are at your service with our crushed taffeta tablecloth collection where you can find linens that will make your table setting outshine all the rest!

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