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Accent Lighting

Accent lights play a vital role in highlighting the striking features of any special item or object. We have an incredible collection of home accent lighting that will help you create extra charm to your cherished areas or objects.

Draw attention to the desired decoration item with color changing spot lights. The lights can be used to create a magical effect in parties, dance floors, kid’s rooms, and aquariums. Kids in particular are going to love the rainbow effect created by these lights. Our vast collection of led accent lights includes floodlights, recessed lights, wall sconces, etc. Our white strip lights have a strong 5M adhesive sticky backing that helps in easy mounting on most surfaces.

Attach the color changing LED strip to any surface and light it up to see the surreal effect. As the strips are flexible, they can be mounted on surfaces of any shape. For ultimate entertainment experience, you can try dynamic RGB flash light spotlight panel.

LED Landscape Lighting
House Uplighting

The powerful 10 Watt White 62 LED can be used for putting focus on any area or surface. Create the desired atmosphere in any indoor or outdoor space with our accent lighting. The energy efficient house accent lights come in trendy designs to provide the ideal glow to any living room, dance floor, and landscape.

At Tableclothsfactory, we offer top-grade accent lights that you can use for several tasks with ease. Visit us to select the luminaries that meet your requirement.




1. How to improve lighting in a room ?

Ans: Lighting is crucial when it comes to our living spaces, whether for practical or beautification purposes. Add instant style and functionality throughout your home or for a specific room with LED accent lights. Accent lighting is typically directed to draw attention and highlight certain features, such as artwork, within a given space.

If your hallway also functions as a gallery for paintings, photographs, and other wall decorations, consider indoor uplighting, which can be done through the precise placement of directional fixtures, such as LED wall washer lights or LED spotlights.

For the living room, a 3 watt LED spotlight may be used to focus an architectural element, such as a feature wall, fireplace, bookshelf, sculpture, or wall planter. A floor-mounted linear LED light bar positioned on the floor may be used as accent lighting for a plant, can be used as accent lighting for indoor plants, while ceiling-mounted LED strobe lights can be used as accent lighting for a work of crafts and collections.

For the bedroom, ceiling LED strip lights act as a subdued version of ambient lighting, emitting a pleasant glow and creating a cozy atmosphere. To incorporate soft, atmospheric lighting that does not create glare and illuminates the narrower sides of the room to provide a sense of width, use tiltable indoor spotlights angled down from the ceiling. 

2. How to install outdoor accent lighting ?

Ans: Outdoor accent lighting grants a beautiful emphasis on a home's yard and landscape features, and choosing the right landscape lighting can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your home.

  • To highlight a single element in your garden, such as a statue or fountain, you may consider using led landscape lighting with a lower wattage positioned at various angles and distances because a single bright light shining directly onto the subject will create rough shadows. 
  • Flood and spot lights that create soft spots of light are good for garden pathways. Put outdoor LED spotlights at equal distances along the path you want to illuminate. 
  • Using ground lighting, spotlights for house, or a combination of both will add drama to tall trees and dense foliage in your front yard. 
  • Mounting mini strobe lights or led directional spotlights to perimeter walls will create an outline of your landscape and define your home’s exterior.

    3. How to set up led strip lights in room ?

    Ans: Incorporating high-quality bedroom led strip lights with built-in adhesive is an easy way to add a beautiful, dramatic yet luxurious lighting effect to any room because they are easy to install and can be done by almost anyone even without much electrical experience. Once you figure it out, you may find yourself installing led strip lights all throughout your home. 

    Follow this simple guide on how to install these flexible led strip lights.

    • Measure the perimeter of your room’s ceiling, including corners and turns. Be sure to also include the distance from your outlet if the power supply has a short cord.
    • Before adhering them, clean the surface of the area where you will place the led strip lights with remote. This is important to keep it attached for a long time. It is also recommended to apply the ceiling strip lights on a flat and smooth surface. 
    • The starting point is crucial because the outlet should be around that area. Therefore, the chord that extends from the outlet to the LED power supply should be hidden, such as behind some furniture, door, or a corner of the wall.
    • If you want the light focused on your ceiling, place the strips about 3-5 inches from the ceiling. To have the light angled to your wall, place the strips about a foot below the ceiling to leave enough room for the cuttable led light strips to radiate.
    • Smart led strip lights come rolled on a spool. Simply unroll the length of the lighting you will be working with, remove the adhesive backing and mount it to the desired surface. Carefully press down the strip so that it adheres firmly to the surface and does not create air bubbles. Remember to peel 3-5 inches of led light roll to make the installation fast and easier.

      4. How to place spotlights on house ?

      Ans: Proper lighting in your home is important to ensure that you have adequate illumination in your home space to give it a warm and inviting glow. Spotlights for home are the real game-changer when it comes to providing maximized lighting effects because they are inexpensive and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

      • To create a particular style for your hanging decorations, attach led spot light fixtures to the ceiling or floor at even intervals.
      • Make shadows more or less pronounced by moving wall mounted spotlights closer to or farther from the wall.
      • Ceiling spotlights can be used for ambient lighting in a room or other areas of the house that need additional lighting.
      • Landscape spotlights can also provide even coverage for areas to highlight objects like large paintings or a large wall covered with hanging or mounted objects.
      • Mount led spotlight bulbs close to the wall so that those sitting nearby do not get direct light.
      • For added charm, you may want to partner our plug in spotlight with our led strobe lights to achieve the perfect illumination that you are searching for. 

        5. Where can I buy uplighting ?

        Ans: Incorporating LED uplights into your home lighting scheme is a personal choice, but indoor uplighting and exterior uplighting will go a long way in highlighting the appearance of artworks, indoor plants, sculptures, and furniture. A great way to add a beam of light to dark sections of your home is through TableclothsFactory’s wide range of premium uplighting for house interior and outdoor accent uplight that will open up many creative options for lighting your home.

        Whether you want accent lighting to feature areas in your room, or use it as outdoor landscape lighting for your lawn or garage, our selection of house uplighting is curated to satisfy your home lighting needs. Also, these energy-efficient house accent lights come in a wide range of colors and brightness levels, making them great for adding a unique glow to any part of your home.

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