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Accent Lights


Accent Lights

Accent lights play a vital role in highlighting the striking features of any special item or object. We have an incredible collection of accent lights that will help you create an extra charm for your cherished areas or objects.

Draw attention to the desired decoration item with color-changing spotlights. The string lights and fairy lights can be used to create a magical effect in parties, dance floors, kid’s rooms, and aquariums. Kids, in particular, are going to love the rainbow effect created by these lights. Our vast collection of accent lights includes floodlights, recessed lights, wall sconces, etc. Our cool white strip lights have a strong 5M adhesive sticky backing that helps in easy mounting on most surfaces. Attach the color changing flexible LED strip light to any surface and light it up to see the surreal effect. As the strip lights are flexible, they can be mounted on surfaces of any shape. For the ultimate entertainment experience, you can try our dynamic RGB flashlight spotlight panel. The powerful 10 Watt White 62 LED strobe spotlight can be used as strobe lights and stage lights for putting a focus on any area or surface. Create the desired atmosphere in any indoor or outdoor space with our accent lighting. The energy-efficient accent lights come in trendy designs to provide the ideal glow to any living room, dance floor, and landscape.

At Tableclothsfactory, we offer top-grade accent lights that you can use for several tasks with ease. Visit us to select the luminaries that meet your requirement.

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