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Air Plant Terrarium

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Air Plant Terrarium

Satisfy your aesthetic creativity and stimulate your imagination with our astounding collection of Air Plant Terrariums. Create marvelous and easy to maintain hanging arrangements that will bring forth a refreshing and energizing atmosphere into your home or party space.

Intricately handcrafted and hand-blown from heavy-duty glass, our Hanging Glass Terrarium can withstand extensive use and are versatile enough to be used within different styles and occasions. Use our 4" Air Plant Glass Terrarium as floating LED tealights, or decorate it with seashells for a beach wedding. These hanging glass globes for plants are also perfect as a rustic wedding favor, housewarming gift, and decoration for other special events. Hang our 6" Air Plant Glass Terrarium Free-falling Teardrop Hanging Plant Holders using our Invisible Hanging Wire from your ceilings or roofs with succulents and fairy gardens to create lovely springtime project for you and your family to enjoy. Who can resist the charm of our Glass Hanging Decor collection? Watch as your air plant and succulent terrarium continue to flourish and grow. There will never be a dull moment when you have these Glass Hanging Decors suspended and mounted around.

These Air Plant Terrariums can be customized and further accented with our marbles, pearls, water beads, decorative sand, rocks, and crushed glass. Our beautiful 9" Bell Hanging Glass Terrarium With Rope, 16" Clear Glass Vase Jar with Twine Rope Handle, and Trapezoid Glass Wall Vase have flat bottoms so you can sit them on a desk/table or thread a hanging wire, fishing line or a ribbon of your choice on the glass loop for easy hanging.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand your aesthetic taste and desire to make your décor stand out from the rest. To this end, we’ve got you covered with chic Air Plant Terrariums and Terrarium Hanging Glass that will definitely take your space and centerpieces to the next level of sophistication. To learn more about our Globe Terrariums and some cool inspirations to showcase your air plants and succulent display, please don’t hesitate to check out selection right away!

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