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Artificial Dahlia | Daisy

While flowers are an integral element of any decor, they can wither away in your moment of glory. However, you don’t have to deprive yourself of their natural charm just because of that - our collection of daffodils, dahlias, and daisies will tuck all your worries away. Since our flowers are artificial, they can please your eyes as long as you want them to.

Handcrafted from the highest-quality materials by our talented artisans, our artificial daffodils, dahlias, and daisies mimic their natural counterparts with striking accuracy. Thus, if you need flowers for a wedding, anniversary, or any other event to celebrate bonds between people, look no further than our dahlias. In case there is a baby shower on the agenda, there is no better flower to celebrate motherhood than a daisy - a symbol of fertility and new beginnings. On top of that, our daffodil oozes its spring-inspired charm all year round, no matter what. Regardless of the color and species, all our artificial blossoms are a safe bet for bouquets, wreaths, pew bows, backdrops, candle rings, and various accents.

At tableclothsfactory.com, we understand that despite being the most charming creations of nature, flowers are extremely fragile. In case you don’t want to end up with a withered centerpiece, please don’t hesitate to shop for flowers from our daisy, dahlia, and daffodil collection.

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