Artificial Flowers & Plants



Artificial Flowers & Plants

Seasons come and go but our collection of artificial flowers is here to stay. You will love the all-year beauty that our artificial plants emit. Unlike fresh flowers, our artificial flowers neither wilt nor wither. Exhibit an astounding ambiance with our wide selection of affordable artificial flowers & artificial plants and let your décor embrace the uniqueness that comes forth.

Our flower walls & panels are exceptionally outstanding. Let our hydrangea & rose flower wall panel in either red, gold, white, or even black, ornament your walls. You can opt for a greener décor like our green foliage & grass mats that brings the outdoors indoors. Our grass wall décor for interior décor is intricately placed on bendable plastic netting for easy attachment and trimming. You will love the artistry that comes with our artificial grass mats adding a natural and effortless touch to your décor.

Explore our wide variety of flower vases & decorations such as metal vases or stage decoration props that will make stunning table centerpieces or wonderful walkway vases respectively. Embellish our Eiffel tower vases with our artificial flowers either at the bottom or the top for a chic look. You will love our flower bouquets as you walk down the aisle and our rose flowers for any flower arrangement idea. Have our artificial garland & kissing balls heighten the beauty of your décor.

In case you are looking for artificial flowers & artificial plants wholesale at affordable prices, look no further than Whether it's an artificial grass wall panel or artificial bouquet flowers, let your walls or tables be covered during your artificial flowers wedding. You can also check out more products like table linen, backdrops, blackout curtains, gift bags, confetti, and many others, all in one place!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to make a wedding bouquet with artificial flowers ?

Ans: Make your own artificial DIY flower bouquet in less than an hour. You will need artificial flowers, a wire cutter, floral tape, hot glue, and decorative fabric.

  • Start by trimming excess leaves from each artificial flower, except one or two closest to bloom. Pick 2-4 flowers to serve as the base, then wrap floral tape around the stems.
  • It is entirely up to you how big or small the bouquet is. Continue building the bouquet stem by stem until you reach the desired size.  
  • For added stability, after wrapping the stems collectively in the last layer of floral tape, trim the bottom of the stems to your desired length with wire cutters and glue the decorative fabric evenly around the stems with hot glue. Beautify as you like!

2. Where to buy artificial flowers and plants ?

Ans: Shop at TableclothsFactory for the best selection of artificial flowers and plants that are adored by many for their timeless and effortless elegance. We offer a wide selection of silk flowers and greenery at the most affordable prices on the market. Whether you’re buying one for a big event or just want to get inspiration for your home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for at

3. How to fill an outdoor planter with artificial flowers ?

Ans: You will need the following materials: rocks or pebbles, floral foam, preserved moss, plant pot, decorative ornaments, and your artificial flower of choice.

  • Check the height of your outdoor planter compared to the overall clearance of your artificial flowers. If the pot is particularly deep, you may want to fill the pot with rocks or pebbles before you put the flower foam on your pot.
  • Embed your artificial flowers starting at the center of the floral foam until the desired density is achieved. When you are happy with the arrangement, fill the pot with preserved moss or sand.
  • Finish the job by covering the top with the decorative ornaments of your choice.

4. Where to buy faux flowers in bulk ?

Ans: No matter the season, TableclothsFactory offers a wide selection of faux flowers in bulk that will provide instant and lasting beauty wherever it is displayed. Whether you're looking for something simple or perhaps a little chic looking, go for life-like real touch faux flowers in bulk that appears like fresh flowers in mid-bloom. If you're feeling more creative, you can explore our extensive collection of bulk silk flowers and select varieties that you can easily mix, match, and display.

5. How to make a cascading bridal bouquet with silk flowers ?

Ans: Craft your own cascading bridal bouquet using these materials: floral shears, floral tape, ribbon, brooch pins, and your choice of silk flowers.

  • Start by adding your silk flowers of choice at the base of your bouquet. Make sure the blooms are at the same height in the bouquet, except for natural cascading flowers like hydrangea stems, to get a playful, rustic look. 
  • When you have created a small round bouquet, add your filler leaves. 
  • When you have added all the flowers of your choice, cut all the stems to the same length. Secure the bouquet with floral tape. Cover the rest of the stem with a decorative cloth. Your cascading wedding bouquet is ready to wear! Enjoy!


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