Artificial Hydrangeas Arrangements



Artificial Hydrangeas Arrangements

As a symbol of wealth, growth, and feelings, a fluffy Silk Hydrangea Flower Arrangements will mark the importance of any occasion. In case you do not feel like shelling out for fresh-cut blooms, which can wilt before you know, you don’t have to give up the whole idea. Our artificial Silk Hydrangeas Wholesale mimics the intricate construction and lifelike color of its natural counterparts.

If you are looking to bewitch your guests by decorating your reception table with Silk Hydrangeas Wholesale Centerpieces, our Silk Hydrangea Artificial Flower Bushes, and Artificial Hydrangeas Flower Arrangements will suit any theme and event color with their wide selection of shades – feel free to display these as they are or in combination with other Artificial Hydrangea Flowers from tableclothsfactory like our Tall Artificial Hydrangea Stems. To reduce your bouquet-making time, we can help you out with our peony and hydrangea artificial silk flower bouquets and peony, rose bud and hydrangea real touch artificial silk flower bouquets – these artificial hydrangea flowers can be utilized for bridal bouquets, pew bows, or rustic floral arrangements. Dreaming about a Kardashian-style wedding? You can go for it by decorating your walls with our UV protected hydrangea flower wall panels or UV protected 3D silk rose & hydrangea flower wall mat panels – these Silk Hydrangeas Wholesale can be easily cut into any shape and attached to each other according to your intent.   

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that real flowers can devour your entire decoration budget, especially, if you are craving to bathe in them. With our Silk Hydrangeas Wholesale and Artificial Hydrangeas Flower Arrangements, you don’t have to drop your purchasing – despite their life-like appearance, they won’t cost you a lot. Whether you need blue artificial hydrangea flowers for a bouquet of white silk hydrangea flower walls, don’t hesitate to shop from tableclothsfactory.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy artificial hydrangea flowers ?

Ans: Add color and life to any spot in your home or office with high-quality hydrangea silk flowers from TableclothsFactory. Our collection contains the most realistic silk flowers to complement any table or countertop. These maintenance-free florals also make the perfect centerpiece for any party or space. 

2. How many hydrangeas in a tall centerpiece ?

Ans: Using silk hydrangea bushes wholesale for large arrangements is a DIY treasured secret! They have long stems for tall vases, take up a lot of space, and are extremely easy to fix. They will also allow you to use fewer flowers, making the overall layout much easier to assemble. For tall silk hydrangea centerpieces, you will need about 25 to 30 stems of large silk hydrangea flowers to make a single flower variety arrangement perfect for wedding receptions and corporate events. 

3. How to arrange hydrangeas in a small vase ?

Ans: Here is a simple guide in making your own awesome silk hydrangea arrangements in a small vase.

  • Prepare your silk hydrangea stems by cutting them properly.
  • Fill your small vase with water and make a grid on top with florist tape, spacing the rows an inch apart. Add another set of tape rows in the opposite direction. The second set of rows should cross the first set. 
  • Place two stems of hydrangeas in the center of the grid and work around the outer edges of the container. Proceed to fill in the gaps by adding more hydrangeas to the grid, but be sure to check that your design is balanced.


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