Balloon Arches Kit Supplies & Accessories


Balloon Arches Kit Supplies & Accessories


A great addition to any party, a balloon arch will be a focal point at any celebration! Our great balloon arch kit and supplies are sure to amaze your guests and get them talking and will be a great addition when decorating your venue. WOW your guests with our gorgeous Balloon Arches Kit Supplies & Accessories!

If you're celebrating a wedding, bridal shower, or baby shower, our 12FT Heavy Duty Adjustable Balloon Arch Stand Kit or our 9FT x 19FT Balloon Arch Kit Stand is a must! Especially since we make it so easy for you by providing everything you'll absolutely need to assemble and display your balloon party decorations. These balloon accessories are a great addition to any birthday party and will be a focal point at any celebration!

Other than that, our DIY Balloon Garland Kit and Balloon Arch Party Decorations are the perfect way to make a party festive. Create a beautiful balloon tunnel and cascade balloons with our arch balloons kit, and balloon wall decor for your wall backdrop party decorations. Great for birthdays, Cinco de Mayo, bachelorette parties, graduation, anniversaries, engagement celebrations, and summer parties!




1. How long do balloon arches last ?

Ans: One of the most popular event decorations are balloon arches because what could be more welcoming than a beautiful balloon archway at the entrance of an event? But the biggest concern when it comes to an arch decoration is that they may not last as long as you'd like.

When not subjected to harsh circumstances such as heat or humidity, a basic arch decor made with air-inflated latex balloons can last anywhere from several days to weeks. But when placed near doors or entrances, the balloons for arch can't last more than eight hours and will slowly pop one after another.

You can, however, do a few things to help your party balloon arch last longer. Place your party arch in a cool environment away from direct sunlight and humidity if possible. Consider using a balloon inflator to fill the balloons and make sure they are well tied. Hairspray can also be sprayed on the balloons for balloon arch to keep them from losing air.

2. How far in advance can I make a balloon garland ?

Ans: You can inflate your balloons with normal air up to five days in advance, so you don't need to stress doing your indoor or outdoor balloon decor the day before the event. If you still aren't going to assemble your arch after inflating them, you can store the balloons in a large, clean plastic bag. Make sure the balloons are well sealed, otherwise they will oxidize and lose their shiny surface.

3. How many balloons do I need for a balloon arch ?

Ans: The fact that you can make balloon arch decorations in the comfort of your own home is what makes it so special. All you will need is an arch kit which is usually made up of a balloon arch stand, an inflator, tape, clips, and the balloons themselves. 

With DIY balloon arches, the possibilities are endless. You can have a small balloon arch, half balloon arch, or table balloon arch made up of a few dozen balloons or a huge arch made up of over two hundred or more balloons. Of course, there are no restrictions on the type or quantity of balloons you can use. But it all comes down to the size, shape, budget, and balloon arch design you want to create.

Depending on the overall height and width of the arch and the diameter of the balloons you're using, a balloon garland typically requires 5 to 10 balloons per foot. For a traditional 12-foot balloon backdrop frame with 11’ balloons, you'll need about 140 balloons, and you can be sure that some of them will accidentally pop while assembling your arch, so always buy more than you think you'll need.

4. Where can I buy a balloon arch ? 

Ans: If you want a stunning sculpture with a whimsical charm that can add originality and majesty to any occasion, then you must check out TableclothsFactory’s easy balloon arch decoration. Our balloon garland is ideal for any indoor or outdoor events and can meet your needs to quickly and conveniently make a balloon masterpiece with your friends.

With our balloon kits for parties, the sky really is the limit. Choose a pastel balloon arch to create a striking, temporary decorative accent for bridal showers and baby showers, while our silver, blue and white balloon arch would be perfect for a gender reveal or blue-themed outdoor balloon garland

Instead of buying individual balloon garland supplies which can be expensive, choose from a complete set of balloon garland kits to make your affairs even more joyful and exciting. Our trendy balloon arch kits also come with easy-to-follow setup instructions, so you can create them ahead of time or right before your party.

5. Where to buy balloon arch supplies ?

Ans: Set the tone for your next party and create gorgeous arches for your wall backdrop decorations with balloon supplies and accessories available at a low price at Whether you're looking for birthday balloons, balloon boxes, balloon hoop frame, and other accessories to make unique centerpieces and decorations, we've got them all.

Bring your imagination to life and make your decorations stand out with our balloon arch supplies. With our amazing balloon party decorations and supplies, decorating for special occasions and gatherings has never been easier. Our DIY balloon arch kit includes shiny arch balloons, balloon arch string, balloon dots, a heavy-duty balloon arch frame, and a lot more. 

Aside from our all-in-one balloon garland kits, we offer balloon supplies that will save you time when planning and decorating events. So, what are you waiting for? Have fun choosing different colors and styles of balloons and other accessories for your balloon display to give your next party the WOW factor it deserves.

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