Beach Theme Flowers & Garlands


Beach Theme Flowers & Garlands 

Beach Theme Flowers & Garlands

Sourcing flowers and garlands for any festivity is always going to be an overwhelming task. Fortunately, you need not to scramble here and there to collect these priceless pieces as we have done all the legwork for you. If there is a beach theme party or ocean inspired event in the agenda, fret not, as we’ve got an astounding collection of realistic Beach Theme Flowers & Garlands to ooze nautical charm all around.

We have a charming collection of colorful wedding flowers and garlands for weddings for your upcoming beach theme party. Whether you need tulips or roses, calla lilies or dahlia flowers, sunflowers or hydrangeas, we have all types of wedding flowers. These dazzling flowers for weddings look so attractive that even bees may stop for a while to appreciate the lifelike looks.

Available in pink, green, white, rose, and other colors, our artificial beach flowers and wedding garland serve a plethora of décor and accenting purposes. You may stick these silk wedding flowers to your favor and gift boxes, backdrops, photo booths, or scatter on aisle and head tables.

Beach Wedding Bouquets
Beach Wedding Flowers

Either make gorgeous bridal or flower girl bouquets for your special day, or present these artificial wedding flowers as lovely tokens of appreciation to loved ones and make a lasting impression. If you prefer large-size wedding bouquets flowers, then our Yellow Large Artificial Sunflowers are ideal. If you have a willow leaf chain in mind, then go for Willow Green Leaves Artificial Garland Vines. Want to know what else is on the offer? Take a look at our full Beach Theme Flowers & Garlands collection.




1. How to make a wedding bouquet with artificial flowers ?

Ans: DIY wedding flower bouquets are very simple to create and will turn out to be beautiful and save you money. A beautiful silk flower bouquet will last for years and will make a great keepsake for your wedding photographs, so you'll want to make sure it looks professionally created.

First of all, you should check TableclothsFactory's collection of silk flowers to decide which you want to incorporate into your arrangement. You will need a base flower, some baby's breath, silver dollar eucalyptus stems, and a variety of small, medium, and large flowers.

  • Trim off some leaves from your base flower.
  • Use floral tape to secure the base flower together.
  • Insert the large blooms between the base flowers one at a time, secure with a round of floral tape each time.
  • Do the same for medium flowers. Trim the excess leaves and place them in the spaces between the large flowers and the base flowers. You want some leaves to show, but don't make it look too bulky.
  • Add some baby's breath and the small flowers among the other flowers. Try to keep your arrangement even and symmetrical by doing what you do from one side to the other.
  • Add some silver dollar eucalyptus stems to make it picture-perfect.
  • If the stems get a little bulky, tie them first with a rubber band first before securing them with floral tape. The rubber band will help compress and hold the stems in place while you apply the floral tape.
  • Keep adding bits of everything until you are completely satisfied with your arrangement.
  • Once you have everything in place, wrap the entire bouquet tightly again with floral tape.
  • Then, starting from the top of the bouquet, use a floral pin to secure a silk ribbon or natural jute rope to the floral tape. Wrap the ribbon or rope around the bouquet until it reaches the bottom, then fasten it with 2-3 more pins.
  • Now you can start admiring your finished product.

2. How to hang flowers on a wedding arch ?

Ans: Your wedding arch is going to be one of your most important backdrops and the background to the precious memories that are going to be in your beach wedding pics. If you are looking for creative beach wedding arbor ideas, you are on the right track with one of the hottest wedding trends of all time. 

If you decide on an arch with a subtle or full flower accent, the first thing to do is to select your flowers and foliage. Lots of lush greenery makes a good base as it covers the frame. You can keep floral accents minimal with a single flower type and color or you can go as bold as you like with a wedding arch overflowing with a variety of flowers in different colors, as long as it still suits your wedding design. TableclothsFactory is a good place to start when it comes to buying the frame, silk flowers and greenery for your wedding arch decorations.

Next, wrap the foliage around your outdoor wedding arch. You can either choose to cover only a few sections or go around the entire arch, using floral wires or zip ties to hold them in place. You can then start adding the flowers, either mixing the colors or grouping them into sections. You can include hanging greenery for a dramatic touch of texture.

3. How to make a greenery garland for a wedding ?

Ans: If you’re not crafty but you still want to add exciting elements to your beach wedding table decorations, there’s an easy DIY project that any bride-to-be can make: a greenery table garland that’s perfect to include in your beach wedding reception ideas. Turn simple greenery into a professional-looking centerpiece with TableclothsFactory’s greenery garland. 

  • You can use a eucalyptus garland and fern artificial greenery garland as your base, or any other type of greenery decor you think is suitable for the design you have in mind. 
  • Combine and arrange both garlands in a mock format on the table so that you know the approximate length you need to make. 
  • Continue your mockup design by layering accent fillers such as locust leaf sprays and lemon leaf sprays in your base garland to make it look fuller and thicker.
  • Once you’ve beautifully filled in exposed areas and stems, wrap a floral wire securely around your greenery garland wedding.
  • Now it’s time to place your luxurious-looking garland in the center of the table for a stunning table setting. For an added pop of color, select a garland that comes with faux flowers like our eucalyptus garland with roses to tie your beach theme centerpieces to the rest of your wedding décor.

4. Where to get wedding flowers ?

Ans: Decorating with real flowers can add freshness and vibrancy to beach wedding venues, but using them in your décor can be too fiddly. For that reason, silk flowers could be the real star, as they look equally beautiful, easy to work with, and won't fade over time. Our modern faux flowers collection ranges from real touch tulip bouquets and silk hydrangea heads to delicate sunflowers, baby breath flowers, peony wedding bouquets, and others. 

These wedding flower decorations are realistic and versatile and can be perfectly used in any arrangement such as bridal bouquets, kiss balls, bridal flower centerpieces, wreaths, bows, or any other kind of ornaments you want on your beautiful beach wedding, party, bridal shower, or even as a daily home decoration. 

Our wedding floral arrangements are sure to complement your existing beach themed décor and floral selections as these gorgeous beauties are selected with flexibility and simplicity in mind so you can achieve the best results. 

5. Where to buy garland for wedding ?

Ans: An easy way to add color and personality to your wedding ceremony is with TableclothsFactory's greenery decor that matches your wedding color palette or wedding theme. You'll find a faux olive branch garland, eucalyptus & boxwood artificial garland for your rustic-themed cake table, as well as a mini leaf garland for a chic, modern beach wedding gazebo.

Choose from our vast collection of flower garlands and faux greenery garlands such as rose garlands, hanging wisteria vine garland, boxwood leaf garland, young clover leaf garland, and others. These wedding garlands are ideal to use at various events like wedding occasions, safari theme baby showers, cookouts, and garden theme birthdays.

Whether you want to use them on the aisle, buffet table, and other spaces, these lush and vibrant wedding table garlands will make a lovely natural decoration for your wedding celebration. How you decide to use your wedding garland as a decoration, from the colors you choose to the style of garland you select, will help determine how informal or formal your wedding garland ideas will look.

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