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Big Event Backdrops & Decorations


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Big Event Backdrops & Decorations

When you are organizing a big event, you would require accessories like backdrop decoration and curtain stand to make it truly spectacular! We offer a series of options that include chair cushions, balloons, ceiling decor, photography kits, wall coverings, curtains and room dividers and much more! Opt for a combination of these items to make your party a grand affair!

Our Flower Wall Décor will add glitter and romance to your wedding – whether it is a morning or evening event! Next, make your big event magnificent with our Backdrop Stands & Ceiling Kits that you can hang from a curtain rod easily –whether it is an outdoors or an indoors event! Now complete the decor with our blush cotton globe string lights. You may place these versatile lights anywhere you want as they are battery-operated!

A big wedding would mean a lot of floor space and wide aisle. You can decorate it with our Decorative Room Dividers to make it look truly beautiful! Now move towards the walls and transform them completely with our black hydrangea wall panels – while adding mysticism to your function! You may even opt for our pink foam wall tiles to make your guests wonder how you managed to create new walls so quickly!

At TableclothsFactory.com, we understand that you would like to turn your big bash into a backdrop event that people remember for a long time. We offer you a range of innovative and exquisite products that you may use later too. Visit us to buy all that catches your fancy!

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