Big Event Backdrops & Decorations



Big Event Backdrops & Decorations To Seize The Best Moments!

Big Event Backdrops & Decorations

When you are organizing a big event, you would require accessories like backdrop decorations and curtain stands to make it truly spectacular! We offer a series of options that include chair cushions, balloons, ceiling decor, photography kits, wall coverings, curtains, and room dividers, and much more! Opt for a combination of these items to make your party a grand affair!

If you want some decorations but can't decide between the many options, here are some necessities. Guests want to have a place at a party to take nice pictures, so photo backgrounds or wall decors and balloon accessories made to look like a photo booth are a must. Add more dimension to your events with ceiling draping kits, hanging paper decorations, or chandeliers. Lastly, let there be light. Fairy string lights aren't just for Christmas. Try our Sequential White LED Lights BIG Photography Organza Curtain Backdrop for a warm glow.

Our Flower Wall Décor will add glitter and romance to your wedding – whether it is a morning or evening event! Next, make your big event magnificent with our Backdrop Stands & Ceiling Kits that you can hang from a curtain rod easily –whether it is an outdoors or an indoor event! Now complete the decor with our blush cotton ball string lights. You may place these versatile lights anywhere you want as they are battery-operated!

Unleash your ingenuity with backdrop panels for a cozy and luxurious look for your events. Fabric can change the decor of your event by giving it additional depth and color by making the party space feel more intimate and look bigger.

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Bring your parties to life and create a fascinating event experience using lightweight colored LED lights that require less equipment. Whether you use 3-D projections or simple colored lights, they can add an extra touch to the overall venue. Add color to spotlights or use LED backdrop uplights to revamp your event into a stunning space.

A big wedding would mean a lot of floor space and a wide aisle. You can decorate it with our Hanging Room Dividers to make it look truly beautiful! Now move towards the walls and transform them completely with our black hydrangea wall panels – while adding mysticism to your function! You may even opt for our pink foam wall tiles to make your guests wonder how you managed to create new walls so quickly!

At, we understand that you would like to turn your big bash into a backdrop event that people remember for a long time. There are countless ideas depending upon your budget and event theme. That’s why we offer you a range of innovative and exquisite products that you may use later too. Visit us to buy all that catches your fancy!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy event decor supplies ?

Ans: A party or event is incomplete without lovely event decorations. At TableclothsFactory we offer wholesale priced event decor supplies that add a luxurious flair to the overall party atmosphere. We carry a variety of artificial grass decor, backdrop stands and ceiling kits, decorative room dividers, party balloons and accessories, and other party essentials.

From backdrop panels to event props and lighting tools, we can help you organize the perfect event for any occasion, be it a wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, engagement party, birthday bash, and any other indoor or outdoor events.

2. Where to purchase wholesale event decor ?

Ans: No matter what your vision is for your event, TableclothsFactory has exactly what you need to make it the best. From gorgeous heavy-duty backdrop stands to impressive ceiling draping kits, you'll find what you're looking for in our vast inventory. 

Whether you’re planning the perfect wedding or looking for fun and stylish wholesale event supplies to help spice up your event, you'll find them all here at an even better price.

3. How to design a backdrop for an event ?

Ans: It's undeniable that it can be difficult to find or create a backdrop that has all you want in one package. You can always spice up a background by adding another layer or element.

For example, select a solid background and give it dimension, glamour, and texture by adding a layer of faux crystal beads in front of it. Or create a softer look that plays with your lighting by using a sheer fabric against another background. 

4. Where to buy backdrops ?

Ans: If you're looking for an online store that can be your complete one-stop-shop for all backdrops, then you've come to the right place. We offer beautiful photographic backdrops and high-quality background equipment so you can create the ideal setting for your photoshoots.

Display your photography backdrops and floordrops using our durable stand kit and accessories. You'll find a variety of photo and studio kits that come with everything you need for portable photography projects and studio setups.

5. Where to buy photography backdrops ? 

Ans: TableclothsFactory offers a range of photography backdrops that’s unsurpassed for its variety, selection, and value. From dazzling metallic foil flower backdrop to big Payette sequin curtain panel backdrops and other backdrops from our collection of big event backdrops, we have the fabric backdrops that photographers can trust to create the perfect focal point for every situation.

6. Where can I buy wholesale party supplies ?

Ans: Get all the event decorations you need in one place and get it at very affordable wholesale prices. We've got all the basics covered. Our backdrops, ceiling furnishings, aisle runners, balloons, and other wholesale wedding supplies and event decor will help you add that finishing touch you need for any party theme. We've made shopping for wholesale party supplies so easy with our online store, you may even see yourself planning more events to celebrate.

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