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Willing to be on-trend? Doubt not, you’ll never go wrong with a rustic theme. Our Burlap Jute Ribbons collection screams rustic louder than the other goodies from our online store!

In case you are into everything country-style, accentuate apparel and household items with our 2.5" x 10 yards natural tone wired burlap ribbon – made from natural burlap, this wired burlap ribbon can also be used to adorn cards, paper crafts, gift baskets, or special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, christening parties, and more.

To add an authentic feel to your napkins, floral arrangements, curtains, backdrops, and other accessories, please consider our woven jute burlap rolls – this woven ribbon will revive the peaceful and serene countryside charm. Meanwhile, if you strive to combine the vintage charm of burlap and the contemporary flair of lace, feel free to get the best of both worlds with our 2" x 16FT natural jute burlap ribbon with wavy lace

Alternatively, you can top off your décor with our Paris themed rustic burlap ribbon – made from 100% natural cotton, this natural ribbon looks perfect on its own or in combination with burlap cords.

It goes without saying that accenting is sometimes all it takes to elevate any décor to a whole new level. Whenever you need an affordable burlap ribbon, which will make a dramatic splash onto your ensemble, you shouldn’t wait to shop from our collection of jute ribbons. Please visit it now in order not to miss out on the much-needed ribbon!




1. What to do with burlap ribbon ?

Ans: You can never go wrong with incorporating a natural ribbon into your projects, whether you want to add a little rustic presence to your arts and crafts or simply adore the aesthetic of brown burlap. So, if you're looking for simple burlap ribbon projects, have a look at these brilliant burlap and ribbons ideas that you can easily replicate.

  • To achieve a farmhouse-style centerpiece, wrap your favorite clear vase with our chic burlap ribbon roll.
  • With a wide burlap ribbon and wire wreath frame, create a minimalistic burlap ribbon wreath topped with a beautiful bow to display in your front door or entryway.
  • Give your party favors and gift bags a finishing touch by topping them off with a large burlap bow.
  • Create cute utensil holders with our lovely rustic ribbon which is perfect for parties and holiday meals.
  • Use our colored burlap ribbon to create farmhouse napkin rings that can be embellished with buttons or other ornaments.

2. Can you paint jute twine ?

Ans: Rope made from natural fibers such as jute readily absorbs a variety of paint. Even though people adore jute twine because it is so simple to work with, there are instances when they want to add a splash of color and design to their rope masterpieces and this can be done by using acrylic craft paint, fabric paint, spray paint, or even extra latex paint. You can also make your own colored jute twine to add some variety to regular craft rope. 

You can dye burlap ropes in a variety of colors, just like how fabrics are dyed. Simply put the jute rope in a dish or small basin filled with the color of your choice. Completely submerge it for a while and find a place to hang your string to dry. As your jute cord begins to dry, the color will darken, which will give a lovely subdued tone to your creations.

3. How to cut burlap ribbon ?

Ans: Burlap ribbons can look remarkably beautiful especially when used to adorn different creative arts and projects. But working with burlap strips can be a little tricky too, especially if you don't know how to cut it the right way. That is why we'll let you in with a simple technique that you can try to cut this craft ribbon in a straight line and keep it from unraveling.

  • Begin by measuring your jute ribbon and decide where you want to cut it.
  • Select a thread line that will serve as your edge. Pull the thread until it comes all the way out and you're left with a straight line for you to easily cut. 
  • Use a sharp scissor to cut through the path where you pulled out the thread. 

4. Where to find burlap ribbon ?

Ans: With TableclothsFactory's wide selection of wholesale burlap ribbons, you can make a burlap bow and add a modest yet appealing accent to your arts, crafts, and DIY projects. You don't always need pricey or extravagant materials to produce amazing decorations for your home or celebrations.

We have a variety of burlap ribbon wholesale in many styles, including exquisite burlap lace ribbon and colored burlap ribbon. Our eco-friendly ribbon comes in a variety of lengths, colors, and forms, allowing you to express yourself artistically and create one-of-a-kind home decors like wall hangings, gift bags, wreaths, and more.

5. Where can I buy jute twine ?

Ans: If you want to add a touch of beauty and elegance to your rustic farmhouse theme decor, you'll need a good roll of natural jute twine to alluringly complement your ornaments, whether you’re going to use them to tie favors, gifts, a bouquet of flowers, or adorn wall art. 

Rather than having to choose between adding simplicity or grandeur to your prized possessions, why not use a twine ribbon that can slay both? Our natural-toned jute rope twine string and natural jute twine with green leaves are more durable than other ribbons and may be used in a variety of ways. In truth, you don't need a lot of ability or expertise to make exquisite crafts with ribbon; all you need is a little ingenuity and you're ready to start.

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