Burlap, Tulle, & Vinyl Tablecloth


Burlap, Tulle, & Vinyl Tablecloth

Don’t settle for less than our burlap and tulle tablecloths. You will marvel at the delightful texture of our fabrics. Burlap is a woven, coarse fabric made from the jute tree while tulle is a sheer, soft, silky net-like material. These fabulous materials make for outstanding table linen that will make your décor effortlessly elegant.

Order now for our round burlap tablecloth such as our 90” natural chambury rustic burlap round tablecloth and allow its whimsical beauty to drape your tables. Available in different sizes our burlap tablecloth will suit any table size. For example, for your large tables, you can have our 132”natural chambury rustic burlap round tablecloth beautify your table.  Also, check out our natural tone ruffled burlap round tablecloth and add a charming accent to your dining experience.

Explore our contemporary design that cannot be surpassed with our vinyl tablecloths like eco-friendly clear disposable round vinyl tablecloth. Our plastic vinyl tablecloth ivory disposable water proof lace vinyl round tablecloth will let you relax and enjoy your meal without worrying about soiling your tablecloths with drinks or food.  Try out our tulle table skirt such as the white 3 layer tulle satin pleated round table skirt to cover the undersides of your tables for a perfect side view.

You will be amazed at the wide collection of tablecloths available in our stores. Ranging from different fabrics like satin, curly willow, polyester, or rosette, our collection is simply magnificent.  Also available are chair covers, table runners and overlays, chair sashes, gift bags, balloons, confetti and so much more only at tableclothsfactory.com

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