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Ceiling Draping Kits

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Ceiling Draping Kits


Now you can make your wedding truly spectacular with our ceiling draping kit. Rather, our ceiling drapes will promote festive fervour in your celebration instantly. We offer you a wide variety in ceiling draping kits – which you will love!

You may choose the ceiling draping techniques that you want - to create the unique look that you want for your reception! We offer black ceiling drapes to provide the perfect backdrop to your outdoors wedding - as your guests will love to sit under their shade and get protection from the glaring sunlight!

Also, you may opt for a glittering ceremony under our silver ceiling drapes – that look charming both indoors & outdoors! Next, add a regal hue to this glitter with our 40ft gold ceiling drapes that you can easily hang from curtain rods! You can be as innovative with our white tassel curtain as you want to be. You may hang it on the doors or line your passage with it – the choice is yours! Besides, we also offer crystal beaded curtain that has a charm of its own. You may use it or our lavender silk tassel curtain to decorate your ceiling, walls, windows, doors or just divide a room! We share your sentiments about using ceiling draping kits to add splendour to your reception.

At TableclothsFactory.com, we strive to offer you top quality products that you would love to use for your other events too. Visit us to explore our wide range of colors, textures, designs and styles!

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