Centerpiece Fillers


Level Up Your Displays With The Right Centerpiece Fillers!

Centerpiece Fillers

You can make your wedding decor unique and special with our wide range of centerpiece fillers. We provide a vast range of crystals and colored sand as well as rose petals and other accessories to dress up your tables in style. You can be as creative as you want – to ensure that you have a spectacular wedding reception!

You can turn your celebration into a beach party with our tropical mixed seashells. You may make garlands out of it and hang them on pillars, arches, and doorways – or simply scatter them on your tables to create a unique ambiance! You may create a similar impact with our acrylic ice crystals. Just surround your centerpieces with these beckoning ice rocks or place them inside clear vases – to create a mesmerizing effect on your dining tables!

You can add elegance to your function with our hunter green silk rose petals – as they look awesome scattered on your champagne table! Another option is to fill up your candle tray with our black decorative sand and create a magical experience for your guests as you insert lighted candles in it! Also, we offer turquoise jelly beads – to amaze everyone as you fill up your clear flower vases with them!

Add earthy appeal and natural beauty to flower arrangements and terrariums by using river rock vase fillers. Choose Decorative Crushed Gravel for small vases and glass jars. Accent apothecary jars and bigger planters with our Assorted Natural Polished Decorative Stones for Vases. These decorative rocks are multipurpose and long-lasting. Utilize time and time again to enhance any space and place and give a very natural ambiance.

Decorative Vase Fillers
Decorative Bowl Fillers

Decorative bowl fillers are versatile accessories that you can use in many different DIY projects, from filling a lantern to decorating a bowl or filling a floral centerpiece. While flowers look beautiful on their own in a vase, crystal vase fillers are some stellar pieces that can help you take your floral displays to the next level. With the right tall vase filler, you can help anchor and embellish your arrangements for more intricate and chic designs.

At, we offer you a wide range of creative vase filler ideas to make your celebration exemplary! Visit us to explore our vast array of centerpiece fillers and select the ones that match your party decor perfectly!

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where to buy vase filler beads ?

Ans: Stuff your beautiful bowls and vases with decorative vase fillers and orbs in every shape and shade imaginable. From crystal vase fillers to waterproof LED lights, TableclothsFactory offers everything you want to spruce up your space. Embellish clear glass vases, candleholders, and mason jars with shimmery acrylic ice beads and place LED tealight candles or fairy string lights inside the jars for a warm, ethereal glow.

Or radiate a relaxing atmosphere into your living space using natural polished decorative stones. Whichever vase filler balls you select, feel free to use them to accent your glass containers or use them as is, strewn all over the tables.

2. What to put in a decorative bowl ?

Ans: Decorative bowls make a great centerpiece for your table or accent piece to place somewhere in your home for that extra touch. There are many different varieties of bowl fillers to choose from. Add a little extra warmth to decorative bowls with pinecones. You can even get creative and paint them white or silver or any color to match your home decors.

If you want to embellish for a fall theme, throw in some colorful faux leaves in the bowl. Along with the same idea, you can also fill it with tall vase fillers, twigs, moss balls, seashells, decorative stone and gravel, wine corks, and other decorative bowl fillers. Get creative and give it your personal touch. Another look that will look awesome is decorative spheres.

3. Where can I buy submersible led lights ?

Ans: The finishing touch is usually the most important part of getting your statement across when it comes to modern decor. TableclothsFactory's acrylic ice beads, jelly vase filler balls, and faux pearl beads are just some of the key elements in rendering the crowning blow to enhance your glass vases, whether it's for your home or events.

We carry a fabulous variation of decorative glass vase fillers and they are further magnified when paired with our submersible LED lights. You might even consider trying the timeless table scatter decor for your ensuing function or special occasion with our vase fillers if you are a bit antiquated.

4. Where to buy preserved moss ?

Ans: Give your mantels and tabletops an organic and charming look with TableclothsFactory's preserved moss grass, rock, and balls. Bring a rustic, earthy vibe to any centerpiece with the natural look and texture of our moss accents. Also ideal for DIY crafts, forest or woodland theme décor, and floral arrangements.

5. Where to buy flower petals ?

Ans: Use TableclothsFactory's stunning classic accessory for a variety of special occasions. From its traditional use at weddings by being strewn down the aisle, or as a sophisticated tabletop decoration at receptions, we have just the right artificial rose petals you need to make it unforgettable. Looking for something unique? Place several of our butterfly confetti or silk heart confetti inside your invitations or use them to decorate wedding favor boxes.

Use as few or as many as you desire. These rose petals decoration can also be a valuable gift for a friend or loved one who likes to spruce up a space for special occasions. Whatever you use them for, our fake rose petals are sure to capture the elegance of their real counterpart while being inexpensive!

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