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Chair Pads & Slipcovers


Chairs form an integral part of special occasions such as weddings, baby showers, and even at small and personalized get together parties with your loved ones at home. It is a known fact that chairs offer great comfort for everyone during a party and what would be more enthralling is to stylize them with Chair Pads & Slipcovers as part of your decorations that can eventually elevate the vibe of your party. And to choose from a grand range of chair cushions and slip cover for chairs, you have to check out Tableclothsfactory right away!

Using chair pads with ties and chair slipcovers is an artistic way of decking up your chairs with chicness and beauty which can, in turn, enhance the ambiance of the party venue to a whole new level. Any kind of chair décor will make them look gorgeous such as chair covers, sashes, and so on. But chair cushion pads can be the décor items that can exude immense chicness. Especially, the olive green velvet chair covers with protective ties and the seat padded cushions with poly thread soft fabric straps can be a stunning addition to your overall décor theme. 

Alongside chicness and comfort, if you prefer some imperial allure on your chairs, then opt for our glittering shiny champagne spandex chair slipcovers or the gold organza chiavari chair slipcovers. The sheen and shimmer of these glittering Chiavari chair covers ooze will make your party chair décor the cynosure of all eyes.

Speaking about chair décor doesn’t necessarily refer only to big events like weddings and parties. Even the chairs at your abode can be beautified to create a chic and alluring ambiance within your interior space. Choose our soft dusty rose faux sheepskin fur chair cushions to embellish your dining chairs and couches with a whimsical appeal.

Our chair seat pads and high chair back covers are made in a way that can add extra charm and grandeur to your overall party décor theme beyond limits. The chic patterns and a variety of popping and subtle pastel colors in which they come will for sure be a visual spectacle. Without any second thoughts, visit Tableclothsfactory right away to browse and purchase from our wondrous collection of Chair Pads & Slipcovers.




1. How do you dress a Chiavari chair ?

Ans: Chiavari chairs are the most popular seating option for events due to their elegant and charming design. But let’s face it, many of your event pictures will include these seats. So despite their iconic beauty, leaving them bare or dressed up with fancy chair accessories can also influence the overall aesthetic of your event décor.

If you want to spruce up your party chairs, you can use decorative caps and chair covers that slip over the backs of your chairs to add a splash of color, sparkle, or any other look that works best with your party theme. Even though it only takes a few seconds to slip a chair back cover on a chair's back, they have the power to change the atmosphere of a party space drastically and the final appearance is magnificent once all the seats are covered.

Adding seat cushions is another stylish and practical method of upgrading your straight-back chairs. These cushions will enhance the comfort of your chairs by providing support and a bit more cushioning for guests. Plus, these cushions for chairs have a simple yet attractive look and come in various colors, so it won't be hard to select one to match your event's color scheme.

2. Can I use Chiavari chair cover on a folding chair ?

Ans: Some of the most popular chairs for events include folding chairs and Chiavari chairs. Chair covers may look identical, but unless they are universal, they won't suit all types of chairs. Chair slip cover like the ones we have in our selection is designed for use with Chiavari chairs only. Folding chairs typically have fairly wide backrests, thus this elegant and stylish chair back covers will not fit.

3. Where to buy chair pads ?

Ans: The most important factor when choosing party chairs is making sure your guests are comfortable. Buying some seat cushion for chairs is always a smart move if you're hosting a banquet or party at home.

To give your chairs a splash of color and flair, you can buy cushion for chairs from TableclothsFactory. We have the colors ideal for any special occasion, whether you want your seat cushions for chairs to match your napkins or your table linens. Choose our black chair seat cushions for black tie affairs, burlap seat pads for rustic theme parties, or white cushions for chair for a classy all-white event.

With thick foam, premium velvet or polyester upholstery, and straps to secure the cushion to the seat. So what are you waiting for? With our charming cushion for chair seat, you can give your event space a stylish yet cozy update.

4. Where to buy slipcovers ?

Ans: While you may not have much control over the style of chair your venue offers, you can decide how it fits in with and enhances the rest of your decor. If you’re looking for a quick, budget-friendly way to prep for formal dinners, family parties, or even a change of season, TableclothsFactory’s slipcovers are the perfect pick.

Our Chiavari chair back covers are a good way to spruce up the decor of your event or venue and even for household dining chairs. We have our luxurious Big Payette Sequin Chiavari Chair Slipcovers to add some glitz and glam to upscale events. Covered in numerous sparkly big sequins on a mesh base, these slipcovers will add romance and elegance to any event. 

To transform your venue from ordinary to extraordinary, we also have our gorgeous and shimmering Satin Rosette Chiavari Chair Caps. With their delicate rose designs, these classy covers for chairs are an easy way to transform and dress up your party chairs into a tasteful seating option for any banquet, meeting, or special event.

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