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Chair Sash Buckles | Rhinestone Brooch Pin

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Chair Sash Buckles | Rhinestone Brooch Pin

We know you'd like your wedding decor to be immaculate – and this would require focusing on the tiniest details! We offer Chair Sash Buckles and Rhinestone Brooch Pin that will form an integral part of your party decor. Our chair sash buckles are available in a variety of shapes and colors – to match your chair sashes along with the theme of your function perfectly!

You can use our silver diamond ring chair slide buckle with all types of sashes – as it can accentuate any color effortlessly. It is very easy to slide this buckle into your spandex chair sashes to enhance their appearance! These chair sash buckles are the perfect way to add glitter to your celebration along with the diamonds in our black diamond chair sash buckles as they reflect light all around your banquet! Besides, they would look awesome with your plain chair sashes too – by adding sparkle to them!

Now you can add a whiff of romance to your event with our silver heart diamond chair buckle which is a subtle way to display your passion to the world! Also, you may add a dash of color to your chair covers with our red diamond sash pin that will go well with your organza, satin, chiffon or taffeta chair fabrics!

At TableclothsFactory.com, we strive to offer you a complete set of products to decorate your reception with ease. Our sash buckle is made of stainless steel – making it strong enough to be used in your other functions too. Visit us to explore our wide array of Chair Sash Buckles and Rhinestone Brooch Pin and select the ones that match your personal style best!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to tie a chair sash with a buckle ? 

Ans: Adding a dazzling sash buckle to a chair band gives it the ultimate polish, so here are 8 ways on how you can beautify your event chairs with our sleek chair sash buckles.

  • Starting with a stretch banquet chair cover and your favorite bright-colored organza roll, wrap the top of a banquet chair and cut the fabric to the desired length. Gather the organza in the center and slide our 2" Silver Circle Diamond Chair Buckle Sash Pin. Adjust and insert material as necessary.
  • Create an elegant tilt with sparkling organza rolls by simply wrapping, gathering, and sliding a sash buckle on it.
  • Go traditional with a timeless look. Place the chair sash around the back of the chair, pull hard, and slide the buckle on the chair sash to the desired position.
  • Make an exquisite vertical look by tucking your chair sash under the lowest bar of a Chiavari chair, then gather in the center, and slide our 2" Ivory Circle Pearl Buckle Chair Sash, tugging tightly to avoid droop.
  • Follow the same steps as above but secure the chair sash buckle a little lower. Add some depth with a second layer using an organza chair sash over the satin one.
  • Achieve an adorable look by simply wrapping a chair sash horizontally on top of the chair and secure it with our 2" x 2" Silver Heart Diamond Chair Buckle Sash Pins.
  • Create a subtle yet captivating look with an organza chair sash draped around the chair back along with our 2" x 2" Silver Diamond Chair Buckle Sash Pin.
  • Use three 2" Red Round Diamond Chair Buckle Sash Pin and slide them over three organza chair sashes that hang vertically from the back of your chair for a stunning look.

2. What is the use of Rhinestone Brooch Pin ?

Ans: Rhinestone brooch pins are used as an accent pin to beautify chair sashes for that extra sparkle on event chairs. Our brooches and pins are also a perfect decorative detail as a napkin pin, or to incorporate into centerpieces and flower arrangements.

3. Can I use these Chair Sash Buckles on any chair sashes ?

Ans: Our intricately designed chair sash pins and buckles can be used on any chair sash (except stretch sashes), or you can also use a table runner for more coverage and fullness.

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