Cherry Blossom, Amaryllis & Delphinium


Cherry Blossom, Amaryllis & Delphinium

Flowers are one of the most important aspects of décor. Whether it’s a table centerpiece, wall/ceiling hanging, garland or a bridal bouquet, flowers are very sentimental. Our artificial flowers will brighten up your décor adding glitz and glamour wherever they are put. You will love our collection of artificial silk flowers as they don’t wither or wilt like fresh flowers.

Cherry blossom flowers are small, pink, delicate spring flowers symbolising renewal. Check out our artificial cherry blossom branches like the peach artificial cherry blossom flower that can perfectly be incorporated in any color themed décor for a captivating ambiance. Also, you will love our cream artificial cherry blossom flower that emits a calm and subtle appeal that can’t be surpassed. When your décor is everything blush, then our 40” tall blush artificial cherry blossom flowers will make a statement.

Delphinium flowers are known for their resemblance to dolphins symbolising lightness and open hearts. For those that love color, try out our artificial delphinium flowers such as the red artificial delphinium flowers or the fuchsia artificial delphinium flowers. Let our peach artificial delphinium flowers bestow a warm ambiance that your guests will enjoy. When it’s got to be as brown as chocolate, order our chocolate artificial delphinium flowers and blend them with our chocolate chair covers for a perfectly themed décor. Explore the rich sensation that our chocolate amaryllis artificial flowers emit and allow for a sublime effect on your décor.

Our discount artificial plants cater for all your bulk needs at affordable price. Check out more of our products at good wholesale offers and let our collection guarantee you the best décor offers. Please don’t hesitate to order other items like crystal decorations, fabric bolts, table linen, disposable cutlery/ dinnerware, gift bags and many other goodies only at

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