Imbue a lovely floral flair into the ambiance with our beautiful chrysanthemum artificial flowers that are soft to touch and realistic in look. With these realistic fake flowers, you can make pretty floral arrangements, backdrops, arch decor, centerpieces, wreaths, bridal bouquets, kissing balls, and other decor accents.

There are so many ways to use faux flowers innovatively to create unique flower decorations. For instance, you can combine blush artificial silk chrysanthemums with crystal beads to make dazzling flower beaded curtains to cover your venue windows or door frames for a charismatic display. Hosting a vintage-themed party? Design striking centerpieces for your tablescapes by stacking exquisite cups & saucers on top of one another and setting lavender chrysanthemums along with foliage to exude an awe-inspiring charm. If you want to generate an eye-catching appeal at your outdoor party, flaunt burgundy silk chrysanthemums along with blush roses on top of candle lanterns and suspend them from the tree branches brightening up the event ambiance in a most surreal manner.

Bring a lively appeal to your home and event decor with charming, refreshing, and long-lasting artificial flowers that are available at the tableclothsfactory in a variety of colors. Browse through our alluring collection of Chrysanthemum flowers today and add exquisite floral charm to your spaces.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Is chrysanthemum a filler ?

Ans: Chrysanthemums are big, bold blooms that are commonly known as mums. These varieties have flowers that range in size from enormous dramatic pom pom like buds to small flower heads, and they cover practically every color spectrum. Spray mums with numerous blooms per stem make ideal filler flowers in floral designs, while single-headed types add mass and emphasis to an arrangement.

A creative arrangement of these wonderful fall flowers can transform a small arrangement into a lush bouquet and add a distinctive touch to any dinner, brighten up a communal setting and help you relax. These flowers can be used as decorations if you work with small pom poms. Consider placing them at the bottom of a bouquet to allow larger flowers to take center stage.

2. What month should I buy mums ?

Ans: Unlike real fresh chrysanthemums, artificial mum flowers and foliage are rich in detail and texture, making them look just like their real counterparts but won't wilt or fall, making these faux mum plants a year-round treat. Now you can add seasonal flair and the warm glow of autumn and adorn your table, counter, or anywhere else you want a touch of fall in your home without the worry of watering and caring for it.

3.  Where to buy artificial mums ?

Ans: If you are looking for high-quality and affordable artificial mums, you will find the best faux chrysanthemums at great prices at TableclothsFactory. We have many options available, from artificial chrysanthemum bouquets and long stem silk mums to chrysanthemums with sphere-like flower heads that are very realistic and long-lasting. 

Our artificial chrysanthemums are the perfect alternative for a more permanent patio décor, a floral centerpiece you don't want to replace, or a hard-to-reach part of your home or office that doesn't get much sunlight. Get creative with your stem arrangement and mix a variety of colors or use big white mums in a floral arrangement with other realistic flowers.

These chrysanthemum silk flowers are detailed enough to accent floral arrangements for fall weddings and other special occasions, but can also be used to give your home an upscale feel. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase these gorgeous faux mum spheres now to create a nature-inspired centerpiece or charming table arrangement. Its long stems fit nicely into larger vases and oversized glass bottles.

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