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Classic Satin Solid Skirts

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Classic Satin Solid Skirts

Whenever you are planning a classic-style wedding, your celebration won’t be complete without a wedding cake. To provide your big day with a sleek stylish sophistication, it’s highly recommended to drape your dessert station with a satin table skirt from our solid satin collection.

Made from silky satin, they come in three most sought-after varieties and are available in three basic wedding colors – black, white, and blush. If you need a classic pleated satin skirt, we can help you with our pleated satin table skirt – these lovely pleats add more volume and festive gloss to this silk table skirt. Need a double drape satin table skirt to complement your double drape satin backdrop? We are at your service with our pleated satin double drape table skirt, which will transform your ordinary tables into royal tablescapes. Meanwhile, our 14 FT chambury casa pleated satin lamour table skirt and 14FT chambury casa pleated satin lamour table skirt will transform your table into a cake with whipped cream on the top.

At tableclothsfactory, we strive to make your dreams come true on your big day. Whether you need a plain plated, ruffled, double drape, or lamour satin table skirt, please don’t hesitate to drop by our satin collection to make a choice.

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