Classic Solid Satin Runner


Classic Solid Satin Runner

There’s something charming about satin, and it isn’t surprising that it’s been popular with the people of status since the early times. Whenever you are looking to showcase your opulence and highlight the significance of your event, there’s no need to spend a fortune on super-expensive satin tablecloths, especially if you plan to deck out at least a dozen of tables. Instead, you can go for those plain, neutral-colored linens enhanced with the help of our satin table runners atop. 

Being 12 inches wide and 108 inches long, our satin table runner is a perfect fit for a standard round or square table. Due to the extensive array of shades, you will never leave our satin selection without a purchase, whether you need a blue, green, blush, or gold satin table runner. Whenever you are looking for a blue satin table runner, you’ll be astonished - you’ll have five options to choose from, including our royal blue satin table runner, light blue satin table runner, serenity blue satin table runner, navy blue satin table runner, and turquoise satin table runner. Does your decor call for a red satin table runner? Before making a purchase, be ready to pick from our burgundy satin table runner, coral satin table runner, red satin table runner, or wine satin table runner. Whatever your choice is, be sure to complement your runners with other satin products from our online store, including napkins, chair sashes, and chair covers. 

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that you strive to decorate with style. With our collection of satin table runners, you’ll not just surprise everyone with your high-end taste but will also save a lot! Whether you need a bunch of green satin table runners or gold satin table runners, please don’t hesitate to drop by our collection.

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