There is one color that will spell elegance at your wedding – and that is the color lavender. We offer you a range of table linens in this fascinating color – including lavender table runner and lavender tablecloth to add finesse to your reception. Besides, we offer you table napkins, chair sashes along with a host of decoration items in this amazing color!

You may place our silk Eastern Lily flowers as your centerpiece decoration or use them to adorn your walls & ceiling – as they look awesome anywhere! You may go a step further and use our lavender brick wall tiles to transform your walls instantly for your party and make them magnificent. Similarly, our pintuck round tablecloths will never fail to impress your guests with their unique flair!

You may fascinate all with the creativity you display with our rhinestone pearl shaped stickers – as you decorate your banquet with it. Next, make your function unique and special with our rose floating candle decoration – which you may use as an attractive centerpiece. And for the favor gifts – nothing can beat our lavender satin drawstring bags which are beautiful and functional too!

We at, share your sentiments about making your reception lovely and exotic. We offer you various options in the color lavender to make your wedding decor fabulous. Visit us to explore these options and choose the ones that suit your personal style & the theme of your party perfectly!

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