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Couture Overlays


Couture Overlays

Crafted from unusual fabrics, haute couture fashion creations offer unique designs. To this end, if you are looking to make your event stand out from all the previous ones, you shouldn’t look any further than our couture square overlays. Despite being true to their name in terms of quality and appearance, these wavy-design and sequin table overlays will surprise you with a budget-friendly price tag.

For those one-in-a-million occasions, which require extra glitz and glam, you can consider our 72 x 72 satin blossoms and sequins on lace net square overlay – featuring shiny sequins on lace overlay, it combines the translucency of tulle, lustrous sheen of sequins, and festive appeal of satin. Available in a rainbow of shades, this sequin overlay can become a part of an orchestra of colors. For example, our tea green satin blossoms and sequins on lace net square overlay will flawlessly blend in with the foliage in your backyard garden while our rose quartz satin blossoms and sequins on lace net square overlay will be a match made in heaven for your serenity linens. Can’t turn up your nose at the empyreal sheen of satin? You can enjoy it to the greatest extent with our waves style satin square overlay – those astonishing wavy layers of satin enhance the luster of this fabric manifold.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that some events require something more than just beautiful. Our couture overlays will not just showcase your high-end taste but will also take your décor to a whole new level of sophistication. Please drop by our collection to browse all our overlays!

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