Crocheted Heavy Lace Ribbon Trim


Crocheted Heavy Lace Ribbon Trim


Lace has often been associated with sensuality, luxury, and beauty. This wholesale lace trim roll is created using different lace patterns crafted with crochet weaving for a one-of-a-kind appearance. The dainty charm of this flat lace trim wholesale comes from the use of elaborate floral designs and a subtle color scheme. Some lace trims are available in differing widths, providing you the choice to mix and match and make impressive designs. The fabric base is sturdy enough to hold its form when molded into bows and floral themes. This makes them suitable for wrapping, tying and decorating. You can try using this crochet lace on apparel and home furnishing items to enhance their beauty.

Crochet, a French term, meaning "small hook" represents a process of creating fabric by the interlocking loops of threads or strands of other materials with a crochet hook. Intricate artistry and fine designs accented with lovely flowers and vines give us amazing trims, laces, and decorations to augment our dresses, crafts, and favors. Our astounding range of gorgeously crafted crochet wholesale lace trim roll with crochet 3 inch lace trim provides you infinite choices of decorations and adornments.

Crochet flat lace trim wholesale by the yard is preferred in accenting bridal veils, dresses, flower girl dresses, communion dresses, costumes, jewelry, headpieces, lingerie, table covers, chair covers, bows, and even crafts and favors. Their breathtaking beauty coupled with 3 inch lace trim and a dreamlike delicacy imparts a surreal sophistication to whatever you pep up with it. Our Peacock Inspired Clear Sequined Crocheted Heavy flat lace trim wholesale has the exquisiteness of sequined Peacock pattern crocheted with utmost delicacy. Use this stylish crochet wholesale lace trim roll to accentuate your dresses, designs, and decorations. You can additionally use these flat lace trim wholesale to make wall hangings, curtain binders, and more.

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