Crystal Candelabra


Crystal Candelabra

Back in the day, a candelabrum was significant not only as a source of light but also as a status symbol. Such connection with wealth is the main reason why an ornate “candle tree” is popular with many homeowners and event planners even now, in the era of electric lighting. At the same time, there’s no need to break the banks in order to purchase this insignia of abundance – our wholesale crystal candelabra collection will help you showcase your opulence in an inexpensive manner

Depending on how much light and drama you need, feel free to choose from our crystal glass candelabra, which offer different number of arms. Our 33" tall 4-arm metal candelabra votive candle holder and 27'' metal 5-arm candelabra candle holder with hanging crystal drops combine seamless metallic sheen and dazzling appeal of diamond crystals. With a large round cup in the center, these 4- and 5-arm crystal candelabra offer plenty of room for getting creative with florals and candles. In case you need something even more grandeur than a 9-arm crystal candelabra, you won’t be able to pass by our 40'' tall 13-arm crystal beaded candelabra candle holders, which will make a perfect match with our 9'' tall metallic crystal beaded pillar votive candle holder.

Whichever crystal candelabra centerpieces you are looking to create, we are happy to offer you our best for your grandeur projects. With our crystal candelabra collection, you can let your creativity run wild without making it heavy on your budget. Please stop by our collection to see for yourself!

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