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Decorative Glass

When it comes to different materials for tabletop decorations, you’ll never go wrong with glass-like diamonds, it is timeless and expensive-looking. However, there’s one difference – unlike gems, glass is inexpensive. With that, whenever you are looking to add a touch of extra into your tabletop, please don’t hesitate to shop from our Decorative Glass Decor collection.

Whichever theme you choose to stick to, we are at your service with the needed accessories. For example, for your nautical setup, it’s highly recommended to consider our Turquoise Glass Votive Candle Holder Set, 8" Tapered Neck Clear Glass Bud Vase, and 9" Heavy Duty Glass Hanging Vases, which can be used as a novel accessory or as a lovely favor to display treasures with moss or a mini still life

Whether you are assembling a candy bar, or you are just needing a stylish container for your centerpiece, you can consider our 3 pack set of 3 trimmed apothecary glass candy jars with lids 11 | 16 | 18, which can be filled with treats, greenery, vintage finds or can be used as terrariums or candle holders. 

Are you planning a disco theme event? Your party will be incomplete without our groovy glass mirror disco ball, which comes in an extensive variety of sizes. Those who want to display candles can choose from our votive candle holders, set of 3 clear long stem cylinder glass vase candle holders, or 6 pack 2.5 crystal clear glass globe votive candle holder, to name just a few.

Glass Decor
Glass Table Decor

Whether it's rich, ornamental designs or a simple modern look, glass table decors provide a stunning finishing touch to your living space or events. For conventional interiors, choose from our selection of clear glass vases and chandeliers. For modern spaces, conjoined test tube vases and apothecary jars can be impressive. Use decorative glass decorations on shelves, dining tables, accent tables, or anywhere you want a little boost of personality.

These are just a few pickings from our Decorative Glass Decor selection. Whether you are looking for unusual gifts or materials for your handmade goods, please don’t hesitate to hit it up to see everything we have to offer – along with exceptional quality, TableclothsFactory’s glass art pieces offer budget-friendly price tags!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What to put in glass jars for decoration ?

Ans: Glass jars are becoming a popular accent piece for special occasion decoration. They are the perfect centerpiece and can be personalized for the event with whatever that complements the party theme. Elegant weddings and anniversary parties can use candles in small votive holders and jars with lids to set the right tone.

For apothecary jars, use colored candies or marbles as a dessert table decor for birthday parties and baby showers. Jars can also contain soaps, lotions, and other handmade bath products. Add jewelry, marbles, or freshly cut perennials to create a stylish display for everyday living. The sky's the limit when it comes to decorating with glass home decor.

2. Where can I buy decorative glass ?

Ans: Decorative glass decors are a handy and classic must-have in home interiors or special occasions. You can do so much with them to make your events or living space more orderly and charming. They also go with anything so no matter what your interior design or personal style, you can include a unique glass table decor DIY into your space. 

At TableclothsFactory, you'll find a wide range of beautiful and practical decorative glass decor for every room of the home or event. Accent pieces range from popular decorating elements like glass vases and candle holders to dazzling mirror balls and glass table decor that are sure to inspire conversation. 

3. How to accessorize a side table ?

Ans: When it comes to living spaces, the side table takes all the splendor. Use a serving tray to display picture frames, glass vases, ornamental plants, and long-stemmed candle holders and turn the corner of your coffee table decorations into something of value.

For a modern decoration, just spread out different types of candles on a tray. Or use a wooden slab as a tray and display delicate ornamental items such as a bouquet in our beautiful glass designs alongside candles. Another way to add energy to the look of your end table is by playing with the heights of the elements and applying the rule of three. Try to achieve three different heights, using glass decorations of varying sizes.

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