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Decorative Plates & Table Top Display Stand

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Decorative Plates & Table Top Display Stand

Table setting is an art and if done with perfection, can transform a simple and plain tablescape into an imperial banquet with Decorative Plates & Table Top Display Stand. Every element and décor accent of a tabletop plays an important role in not only highlighting the scrumptiousness of your delicacies but also in augmenting the style and sophistication of your table up by several notches. Dinner Plates and Chargers Plates are focal décor elements that can break or make your tabletop game.

Charger plates, also known as service plates, under plates, or server plates are the large decorative plates that are used to provide an elegant base setting for placing under other dinnerware during formal occasions, like; weddings, banquets, catered events, upscale parties, or in fine dining restaurants. Charger plates add elegance and style to any tablescape and give an enhanced and neat look to your special and traditional dishes. We have acrylic charger plates that are bold enough to capture attention instantly and beautiful enough to transform any plain tablescape into a regal affair. With our amazing range of Clear Glass Charger Plates, Acrylic Charger Plates, Baroque Charger Plates, and Crystal Beaded Metal Charger Plates, you can impart regal charm and ornate elegance to your otherwise plain tablescapes. Our Coral Reef Design Charger Plates, Braided Rim Glass Decorative Charger Plates, and Marble Charger Plates are too posh looking and can also be used as a tray or platter to move around finger foods or desserts. You can also group pillar candles collectively to make a chic accent centerpiece. Set floral centerpieces on top of these decorative chargers plates to create a picturesque base. Complete the look of your perfect tabletop by highlighting the elegance of your tableware with our astounding range of Napkin Rings. With beaded, aluminum, wooden, and acrylic napkin rings from Tableclothsfactory, you can enhance the aesthetic elegance and thematic charm of your special event.

To further augment the enticing allure of your tabletops, pair these decorative Chargers and Napkin Rings with complementing Plates and Table Top Display Stands. We offer a stunning selection of dinner plates for weddings, birthdays, showers, corporate events, and everyday dining. Display your cupcakes, pastries, finger foods, and other desserts in our modish Rotating Large Ferris Wheel Dessert Cupcake Holder, 3 Tier Dessert Stand Cupcake Holder, or Gold Metal Tiered Cupcake Stands. Or flaunt your mouthwatering Wedding or Birthday Cake in our Gold Chandelier Metal Cake Stand or White Square Stand with Crystal Pendants and add an imperial touch to your dessert or cake tables.

With Tablclothsfactory, all your dreams and designs can be given life. It’s our mission to keep providing our amazing customers with topnotch decorative accents and party supplies and keep your passion for designing and decorating upbeat. Don’t wait any longer and check out our selection of Decorative Plates & Table Top Display Stand today to bring your dream decoration to life.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is a charger plate ?

Ans: Charger plates or service plates are beautiful decorative plates that are used to dress up dinner tables at parties, birthday, weddings, and other special events. They are mainly designed to get pieces of food and avoid spills and clutter that in some way or another would stain the tablecloth. These decorative plates also keep the dishes warm, as they are placed under bowls and plates.

2. Can you eat off decorative plates ?

Ans: You can't eat off decorative plates because they are not intended to come in contact with food. Their main purpose is to add to the visual effect of your table and allow servers to easily take away bowls and plates after guests are finished with the main entree.

3. How to use charger plates ?


  • Pick a unique charger plate that helps complement the furnishings of your dining table and adds visual interest to the overall feel of your banquet. Consider the type of plates, bowls, drink glasses, silverware, serving plates, and bedding you plan to use, then choose a charger that balances those styles. Don't forget the tablecloth, overlays, floral arrangements, and cutlery to be placed directly next to the charger plates.
  • Put a wedding charger plate in the corresponding place of each guest. Place it on top of the tablecloth or placemat, between the arranged cutlery and under the drink glasses. The chargers should be within two feet of each other so that guests have enough elbow room.
  • Organize menu cards, napkins with napkin rings, or business cards in the center of the service plate for use before dinner service.
  • When the guests are ready to be served, soup plates, salad plates, and main dishes are placed directly on top of the charger.
  • After each course, the service plates must be washed or replaced to maintain the purity of the table.

4. Where to buy display stands ?

Ans: Whether you are looking for tiered cake stands to show off your confections and treats in style or simply want a cake and cupcake stand to make your mundane party grand, TableclothsFactory's Table Top Display Stands is the perfect choice. Select from Rotating Large Ferris Wheel Dessert Cupcake Holder, Gold Chandelier Metal Cake Stand, Antique Gold Cupcake Stand, and many more. 

5. How to display cake stands ?

Ans: After the festivities, if you don't want your gorgeous cake stands sitting in a cabinet where they aren’t used or seen, you might want to use them as a stylish organizer or a fun accent decor. Here are other ideas on how you can utilize your stylish table top display stands and put them to better and more frequent use.

  • use as an organizer in sinks, bathroom and kitchen counter
  • utilize them as plant stands
  • add seasonal decors
  • they make fabulous makeup organizers too
  • tiered veggie or fruit for a buffet
  • near the stove for oils and spices
  • self-serve drink bar
  • stand alone decor
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