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Decorative Room Dividers

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Decorative Room Dividers

When you need a bit of privacy or want to direct attention to a certain area of the room, look no further than our decorative room dividers. Perfect for restaurants/hotel set up, saloons, home interior decor, dance recitals, concerts and even bridal gazebos, our collection of beaded curtains and blackout curtains is unsurpassed. Be sure to use these wall separators both indoor & outdoor for a spectacular look.

Check out our crystal diamond beaded curtain with bendable metal rod for adding that sparkly touch to the entire room. Let your beauty parlors enjoy the breathtaking appeal of our champagne metallic foil fringe curtain for beaming interior design. Create a separate jazzy space with our 8 pack illuminated mirror LED dance floor or the groovy colorful LED dance floor and let your guests pull off their best dance moves this Saturday night! Illuminate your ceiling decor with our silver metallic foil fringe chandelier for an enhanced elite setup.

Let our charcoal grey thermal blackout curtains with window treatment panels create the utmost privacy for you and your family. Explore the rich ethnic beauty that our navy blue black out curtains with window treatment panels  exude. Perfect for reducing excess sun rays from altering the natural room temperature, our lavender blackout curtains with window treatment panels will not only block light, but will also reduce your electricity bills by maximizing temperature control . If you are a fan of natural sunlight, order our baby blue sheer organza curtains with rod pockets for that see through curtain decor.

Also available in our stores are backdrop stands and frames that can be used to hang these curtains. Don’t hesitate to check out more decor essentials like table runners, chair covers, tablecloths, centerpieces, confetti, gift bags etc. at tableclothsfactory to complete the look of your home, office, or party space!

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