Dessert Containers & Servings


Dessert Containers & Servings

Yummy in my tummy! This is just the thought you get once you think of dessert. Dessert is one of the most important meals of any cuisine and is usually served last. Be it a hotel/restaurant setting, outside catering, or even at the comfort of your home, you are bound to serve dessert to your clients, guests, or family members. As the saying goes “Save the best for last”, crown your delicious meals with dessert served in our phenomenal dessert containers. You will want more and more with just the elegance that these unique plastic dessert containers emit.

Enjoy your favorite desserts like chocolate/strawberry mousse, pudding, trifles or ice-cream in our disposable pudding cups. Behold our wide variety of lavishness in different shapes like  Clear Chambury Pentagonal Disposable Bowl, Clear Blossom Round Disposable Bowl, or the Clear Chambury Square Disposable Dessert Cup. Munch your favorite dessert from our disposable plastic dessert containers using our exceptional Silver Chambury Plastic Disposable Cake Dessert Forks or our impressive Silver Chambury Plastic Disposable Dessert Coffee Spoons. You can be as versatile as possible while using our Clear Contemporary Disposable Chinese Spoon.

Excite the children or even the child in you with our Clear Disposable Candy Scooper or Gold Disposable Candy Scooper to help you scoop out those jelly beans, skittles, and other mini candies from the candy jar. You will totally fall in love with our Black Disposable Mini Cooking Pots with Dessert Display Tray that will keep your warm desserts scrumptious. Buy these Clear Disposable Cones with 2 Dessert Holders for your choicest frozen dessert. Decorate your finger desserts with our Black Pennant Flag Toothpicks for that stylish and expensive look.

Don’t worry about breakage or washing after use, our disposable dessert cups will not only let you relax and have time with your guests but also will bring an appetizing set up at any meal. The plastic dessert containers are recyclable giving you the freedom to use them again as you marvel into their beauty. For more beautiful goodies, has got you covered.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy mini dessert cups ?

Ans: TableclothsFactory's mini plastic dessert cups present a unique and creative way to showcase delicious appetizers, desserts, and hors d'oeuvres. You can even go way beyond dessert by serving noontime snacks with our durable and charming disposable dessert cups. They also have a modern and functional design that brings elegance to any table, making them excellent for your next dinner party or event. Browse for other products to match them only at

2. How to decorate plastic cups for a party ?

Ans: Take your party up a notch by personalizing your party plastic cups to go with your theme. From the most casual get-together to holiday feasts, decorate your plastic cups by using permanent markers and acrylic paint to draw designs, or embellish with washi tape, decorated ribbons, rhinestone stickers, and glitters. 

3. Where to buy clear plastic cups ?         

Ans: Find all your mini tasting needs from TableclothsFactory which comprises of visually appealing clear plastic cups, mini plastic dessert cupsplastic shot cupsappetizer cups, and so much more! The clear plastic material and sleek glass-like features of these small dessert cups make them ideal for just about any use. Eliminate the hassle of time-consuming cleanup with our amazing disposable mini plastic dessert cups!

4. Where to buy condiment cups ?    

Ans: Sweets and desserts come in all shapes and sizes, so why shouldn't their condiment cups be too? TableclothsFactory offers condiment cups and dessert containers​ to make any treat look even more appetizing than it already is. We have mini square, triangular, and even hexagonal ​dessert cups​ for bite-sized goodies. Our mini dessert bowls come in an assortment of sizes and styles that are excellent for serving anything from parfaits, sorbets, sundaes, mousse, and more! Provide your visitors with an event to cherish with a little help from          

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