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Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon & Mirror Fabric

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Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon & Mirror Fabric

What a priceless masterpiece to behold with our Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon Wrap Roll! Available in a wide selection of colors, our diamond rolls will give your decor a sparkly edge. Perfect for any occasion like wedding, birthday, bridal shower and even DIY fabric accentuation, our collection of silver rolls will create a remarkable spectacle for all to marvel.

Check out our silver endless Hollywood style diamond roll and add a bit of shine to everything you adorn with it. For the love of colored diamond rhinestone mesh ribbon, don’t hesitate to buy our royal blue Hollywood style endless diamond roll or the fuchsia Hollywood style endless diamond rolls. You can create all sorts of bejewelled fabrics with our apple green never ending fleurs & diamonds that will emanate a rich appeal that cannot be surpassed. Explore the sublime exquisiteness of our turquoise never ending fleurs & diamonds that can be placed delicately on the hem of your bridal or party wear.

Enjoy the luxurious beauty of our silver VIP style endless diamond roll that will bestow a beguiling elegance to your DIY projects, crafts, and designs with its regal sheen. Get a hold of our silver wall-street endless diamond roll and let its glitzy gloriousness embellish your gift boxes to make perfect souvenirs. Let our gold mirror foil fabric bolt or the silver mirror foil fabric bolt charmingly accentuate your centerpieces for a gleaming appearance.

Our wide collection of diamond mesh rhinestone ribbon crystal wrap will make your décor look classy and sophisticated with its rich material and texture. Whether an indoor or outdoor occasion, informal or formal event, our mirror fabrics bolts will marvelously blend in with any occasion and theme. To create a truly exotic party ambiance, checkout our collection of foil mirror fabrics and other decoration essentials like tablecloths, chair covers, centerpieces, vases, drapery, LEDs, candles, favor bags, disposables, and a lot more at tableclothsfactory! Order now and you won’t regret.

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