Disposable Utensils

Having utensils at any ritzy event is a must as your guests will need to use them when having their meal. As a decorator or host, bear in mind that the type of utensil that you use will either applaud you or completely embarrass you. Here at tableclothfactory.com, we offer the best disposable utensils in various shapes and colors like metallic gold, blush glittered, silver, and many others that will make your event outstanding.

Our inexpensive disposable cutlery like our Silver Chambury Heavy Duty Plastic Silverware Set definitely looks like real silverware and would easily be mistaken for that to the astonishment of your guests. Our wide selection of dainty plastic disposable cutlery like the Clear Chambury Heavy Duty Plastic Spoons or the Blush Glitter Heavy Duty Plastic Knives that will not only look beguiling but also work for its designed purpose. Also available is the Metallic Gold Heavy Duty Plastic Silverware Set and Metallic Silver Baroque Design Heavy Duty Plastic Cutlery Set which exudes a natural fineness and valor.

You will adore our subtle eco-friendly disposable cutlery like eco-friendly Birchwood fork that is made from natural materials with no chemicals. You can be sure to use these biodegradable utensils for cutting or spreading and will perfectly work well whether the food is hot or cold. Check out our eco-friendly Birchwood disposable coffee stirrers or the disposable bamboo picks. For your exquisite desserts, our Mini Clear Heavy Duty Plastic Forks will make your guests enjoy their mouth-watering dessert to the fullest.

Our appealing disposable utensils for weddings can be used for birthdays, barbeques, bridal showers, or even home use. Get our disposable utensils wholesale for those who need them in bulk at affordable prices. Check out more of our disposable items like disposable plates, disposable glasses, and disposable bowls only at tableclothsfactory.com.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How are plastic utensils made ?

Ans: Our plastic flatware is typically made of BPA free and high-quality plastic material. Take advantage of the versatile features our biodegradable cutlery offers and make each mealtime simple and effortless. And that's not all. Our plastic utensils bulk is very durable it can handle heaping spoonfuls of your favorite dishes with ease.

2. Where to buy plastic cutlery ?

Ans: TableclothsFactory offers a wide range of dinnerware, including eco friendly cutlery and plastic silverware. Our plastic cutlery and silverware are great for an intimate dinner at home, office parties, and many other functions. With options ranging from simple to sophisticated, there is an alternative for every serving need. That's why for your succeeding events, be sure to browse nowhere than our selection of disposable and biodegradable utensils.

3. Can you recycle plastic silverware ?

Ans: Yes, our plastic silverware is recyclable. However, proper disposal of these items is still required. Always follow proper waste segregation to make it easier for you to select items to take to the recycling center.

4. Are compostable utensils really compostable ?

Ans: Yes, certified compostable cutlery and utensils are technically compostable, but it mostly depends on where these utensils are disposed of. Most compostable utensils are not suitable for composting in the backyard because they are meant to be composted only in commercial composting facilities and can take 6 to 9 months to disintegrate.

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