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Chandelier Table Lamps

Whenever you are willing to celebrate with a lot of pomp and bang, those shoddy plastic chandeliers for parties are not exactly what you need. Made from acrylic, our modern glass chandeliers mimic the luxurious appeal of rare gems, making them ideal for showing off your abundance in a budget-friendly manner.

Available in a plethora of designs, these modern crystal chandeliers will bring your most ambitious dreams to life. In case your décor calls for antique chandeliers with hanging crystals, we can offer you our 36" Acrylic Crystal Diamond 4 Tier Chandelier, 30" Acrylic Glass Diamond Pendant Chandelier, 30" Designer Acrylic Diamond Chandelier, and more – feel free to utilize the

m as tabletop centerpieces or as hanging crystal chandeliers in combination with bulbs and our ceiling draperies. Looking for drum chandeliers for an Oriental-style display? Not a problem – our 4 Tier Crystal Pendant Lighting Diamond Chandelier looks stunning when coupled with our hanging paper lanterns, parasols, fans, or tabletop lanterns.

Table Chandeliers
Tiered Centerpieces

At tableclothsfactory, we strive to help you make a huge splash without breaking the banks. Our modern crystal chandeliers are exactly what you need to mark the importance of your occasion. Simply stop by our collection to see them for yourself!




1. How to decorate a chandelier with flowers ?

Ans: No matter the style and theme of your event, sparkly chandelier table lamp centerpieces can add elegance and enhance the details of any table. Make an even more striking statement at your event by accenting this table chandelier with your favorite flowers and bringing a whole new level of creativity to your event décor.

These centerpieces are a great way to add elaborate decorations to any wedding or party table without interfering with the conversation. Place a flower ball or round flower arrangement on top to complement these chandelier style table lamps and easily transform a traditional table setting into an ethereal garden. Other decorating ideas include adding dainty LED lights and candles. Aside from lighting up galas and elegant soirees, these versatile pieces can also be used as a chandelier nightstand lamp or chandelier desk lamp.

2. How to make a crystal chandelier centerpiece with lights ?

Ans: Whether classic or modern, a sparkling crystal chandelier table lamp will appeal to you and your guest’s senses and add something special to the celebration, whether sitting beautifully on top of banquet tables or hanging grandly overhead.

Transform a bare table chandelier centerpiece into a sparkling accent piece by illuminating them to anchor the event space and add a warm glow. The first step is choosing your lighting. You can use our submersible LED lights that fit perfectly in the middle of the crystal chandelier lamp to create an elaborate display filled with romantic elegance. Or for a bit of glamor, you can use battery-operated candles for worry-free lighting, or place our LED centerpiece ball on top to really light up your tables.

Wherever you choose to display these crystal chandeliers, they are sure to elevate the look of any room, no matter what decorating style you have in mind. For a more elaborate display, incorporate our beaded curtains, backdrops, and more that go perfectly with this centerpiece. 

3. How high should chandelier be above table ?

Ans: As if deciding on the perfect table chandelier wasn't difficult enough, now you have to decide on how high it should hang above your party tables. Because even the most fabulous chandelier, if hung too high or low, will simply overwhelm the event space.

The basic rule of thumb is to hang a chandelier 30 to 36 inches above a table. This is applicable for an event space with 8-foot ceilings. For banquet halls with higher ceilings, you can go up 3 more inches for each additional foot of height.

When in doubt, hang your chandelier and adjust the height by removing the chain links or cutting the hanging rod. If you think that the height doesn't feel right, you're probably right. Your eye tells you things about proper ratio even when you don't realize that's what it's saying, so make the necessary adjustments.

4. Where to buy chandeliers ?

Ans: Wedding chandelier centerpieces have long become an essential event decor as they add style and functionality to any party space. Do you want to add a touch of grandeur to the embellishments of your next celebration? Here at TableclothsFactory, we offer a selection of stylish chandelier style lamps that are great for hallways, table accents, and more. 

Whether you're planning a glamorous engagement party or an elegant wedding event, our stunning chandelier centerpieces are sure to make your special day shine because when it comes to decorating with crystals, the possibilities are almost endless. Hang our 4 Tier Crystal Pendant Lighting Diamond Chandelier in a gazebo for a vintage touch. 

For a standout centerpiece, place some LED ball centerpieces on our 30" Designer Acrylic Diamond Chandelier or 30" Acrylic Glass Diamond Pendant Chandelier. If you want to be in control of your crystal chandelier display, opt for our chandelier lamp poles to extend and show off the glory of these glamorous accent pieces to greater heights. You can also get creative and spray paint the stand and top plate of our tabletop chandelier lamp to match your event's color scheme.

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