Feather & Vase Fillers


Feather & Vase Fillers

Though often understated, the centerpiece plays a key role in any décor – first, it serves as a conversation trigger between people who were assigned to sit together; secondly, it ties all the accessories together. This means that you should take it as seriously as you can. To save you from long hours of wasted time searching, we’ve got you covered with our Feather & Vase Fillers collection.

Got a fabulous crystal vase but have no idea how to tie it to the rest of your décor? Worry not – depending on your taste and the size of your vase, feel free to choose between our whimsical decorative sand, large acrylic ice bead fillers table decoration, small round deco water absorbing beads, and beyond.

Jelly water balls do not suit your feather white tablecloth? Look no further than our fabulous natural feathers. Our rich collection of decorative ostrich feathers goes beyond traditional black and white ostrich feathers – available in a wide range of sizes and colors, they are ideal for ostrich feather centerpieces in our Eiffel tower vases. To add an even more whimsical touch, use our ostrich and goose feathers in conjunction with a lace tablecloth since there’s nothing as chic as feathers and lace linen.

We understand that any table will look incomplete without the proper centerpiece. With feathers & vase fillers from TableclothsFactory, you can easily finish off your setup without breaking the bank. If you are ready to bedazzle in an affordable manner, please don’t hesitate to visit our collection now.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy vase fillers ? 

Ans: The finishing touch is usually the most important part of getting your statement across when it comes to modern decor. TableclothsFactory's acrylic ice beads, jelly vase filler balls, and faux pearl beads are just some of the key elements in rendering the crowning blow to enhance your glass vases, whether it's for your home or events. We carry a fabulous variation of decorative glass vase fillers and they are further magnified when paired with our submersible LED lights. You might even consider trying the timeless table scatter decor for your ensuing function or special occasion with our vase fillers if you are a bit antiquated.

2. What to fill glass vases with ? 

Ans: Flowers don't have to be the sole statement-makers in your tablescapes. A few smart cures for an unpretentious glass vase is by decorating it with feather and vase fillers. Our vase filler selection is an excellent way to add subtle detail to your display or to emphasize your ostrich feather centerpieces. Our water beads, acrylic crystals, pearl beads, and glitters really come to life when paired with our bright submersible LED lights. These items are not only inexpensive but also come in a wide array of styles and colors. 

3. Where to get filler beads ?

Ans: Stuff your beautiful bowls and vases with decorative vase fillers and orbs in every shape and shade imaginable. From vase beads to waterproof LED lights, TableclothsFactory offers everything you want to spruce up your space. Embellish clear glass vases, candleholders, and mason jars with shimmery acrylic ice beads and place LED tealight candles or fairy string lights inside the jars for a warm, ethereal glow. Or radiate a relaxing atmosphere into your living space using natural polished decorative stones. Whichever vase filler balls you select, feel free to use them to accent your glass containers or use them as is, strewn all over the tables.

4. How to make a feather centerpiece ?

Ans: Feather centerpieces are one of the easiest ways to give some charm and elegance to weddings, events, and dinner parties. Because they are towering in height, they are excellent at tables where you want guests to be able to see across. You will need a foam bouquet holder to secure your ostrich feathers into your vase. If you are going to use floralytes, place them in your vase before putting the stem of the foam bouquet holder in the vessel. Hang the floralytes at the ideal length you want by attaching them to the floral stem. To dress up your DIY feather centerpieces, you can add feather boas, string beads, fairy string lights, and acrylic crystal garlands for a more enchanting focal point.

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