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Feather & Vase Fillers

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Feather & Vase Fillers

Though often understated, the centerpiece plays a key role in any décor – first, it serves as a conversation trigger between people who were assigned to sit together; secondly, it ties all the accessories together. This means that you should take it as seriously as you can. To save you from long hours of wasted time searching, we’ve got you covered with our ostrich feather decorations & vase fillers collection.

Got a fabulous crystal vase but have no idea how to tie it to the rest of your décor? Worry not – depending on your taste and the size of your vase, feel free to choose between our whimsical decorative color sand, large acrylic ice crystals wedding party table scatters decorations, small round deco water beads jelly vase filler balls, and beyond.

Jelly water balls do not suit your white feather tablecloth? Look no further than our fabulous natural ostrich feathers. Our rich collection of decorative ostrich feathers goes beyond traditional black and white ostrich feathers – available in a wide range of sizes and colors, they are ideal for ostrich feather centerpieces in our Eiffel tower vases. To add an even more whimsical touch, use our feathers in conjunction with a lace tablecloth since there’s nothing as chic as feathers and lace linen.

We understand that any table will look incomplete without the proper centerpiece. With feathers & vase fillers from TableclothsFactory, you can easily finish off your setup without breaking the bank. If you are ready to bedazzle in an affordable manner, please don’t weaver to visit our collection now.

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