Feathers & Pampas


Feathers & Pampas

Are you looking for quirky party decorations to add a unique touch to your event decor? There is nothing better than feathers and pampas adding a dash of glamour and grandeur to your event design. These party decorations provide you with the easiest way to create statement-making accent pieces and add drama to your otherwise boring decor.

Create an incredible backdrop for your outdoor boho-themed wedding event by stylishly covering half of the round arch with pampas grass decor like our wheat tint dried natural pampas grass sprays and the other half with pretty blooms to radiate splendor and grandeur. Similarly, arrange natural tint dried natural pampas grass in pretty clear vases and place them on both sides of the aisle for a wonderful dreamy decor.

However, to make luxurious wedding centerpieces, opt for feather decor and choose our white natural plume ostrich feathers and arrange them in white Eiffel tower vases to exude sumptuous elegance. Do you want to give a unique appeal to your cake display? Attach white real turkey feather fringe trims with satin ribbon tape to the cake stand to usher in an enticing allure.

With tableclothsfactory’s magnificent range of party decorations such as crafting feathers and dried pampas grass, you can impart a wow factor to your event design. These pampas grass and bird feathers are the perfect craft embellishments to enhance the appeal of your backdrops, wreaths, centerpieces, and other event decorations. So, what are you waiting for? Go and explore our Feather & Pampas collection now!




1. What crafts can you do with feathers ?

Ans: Due to their texture, variety of colors, and robustness, whether we are talking about fashion, interior design, or party decoration, craft feathers can be easily combined with ornaments and centerpieces to bring a sense of glamor and elegance to any wedding, event, party, or dinner.

If you're tired of the leafy look, stock up on some feathers and try any of the following DIY ideas to give your interiors and party tablescapes a whole new definition.

  • Gather our brightly colored gold-dipped turkey feathers for crafts in a centerpiece, tie them on a garland, use them as place cards, or scatter them on the table for a vibrant party tablescape.
  • By clustering big feathers in an overlapping spiral, you may make a wonderful voluptuous wall decoration or entrance door wreath. For a more appealing and trendy design, place the feathers decor in a wreath frame and embellish them with ribbons and multicolored strands.
  • A string feathers trim necklace and earrings would make a wonderful Thanksgiving Day present for a friend. Make inexpensive yet unique and stunning jewelry for yourself or a friend by just using a few basic tools.
  • Fill your favorite vase with lush greenery, flowers, and long feathers to create a stunning centerpiece for your table or entryway.
  • Instead of using ribbons to decorate your gifts and party favors, consider using colored feathers.
  • Add some pizzazz to party picks for an outdoor picnic or dinner party by crafting cute feather toothpicks. You may also use the decor feathers as place cards by stamping them with numbers and messages.
  • Customized feather lampshades will give your dining area or party venue a luxurious and whimsical touch. The colors and effects of light pouring through this craft feather lampshade are stunning.
  • If you enjoy painting, large feathers can be painted on a variety of items to transform them from drab and old to dazzling and chic. Simply immerse them in paint to produce charming wall art, or daub a large feather image on the walls for a striking effect.

2. How to decorate with pampas grass ?

Ans: The incorporation of decorative pampas grass in home interiors and event spaces is one of the most popular décor trends, thanks to its plumes, which provide a nostalgic, rustic effect wherever it is placed. If you're interested in learning more about this current decorating trend, keep reading because we'll go over some creative pampas grass decoration ideas.

  • Fresh flowers have the disadvantage of wilting and dying quickly, especially in winter and fall. Use a pampas grass arrangement as an alternative instead of artificial flowers if you're tired of constantly changing your centerpiece and want an inexpensive, hassle-free method of bringing the look of nature into your space.
  • You can make your custom pampas grass wreath to display on your front door or use indoors over plain walls as a wall hanging. This pampas decor is a wonderful way to mark the beginning of fall and the end of summer.
  • A pampas arrangement is quite captivating on its own. However, this does not rule out the possibility of pairing it with other dried foliage. You can blend it with other dried foliage to make it stand out even more, depending on the style of your home or event.
  • It's in style to make a natural statement on your mantel. Eucalyptus has long been a favorite ornament, so combine it with small pampas grass and fronds to make an earthy garland that lasts all year.
  • A stylish bar cart can create a fun focal point at home or during events. The natural texture of a large pampas grass decor will help break up the delicacy of the glass and metals in the cart. Use a couple of short faux pampas grass and place them in a vase, or leave them long and place them next to your bar cart in a large pot.
  • When pampas grass is used in a bridal bouquet, it doubles as an attractive centerpiece decoration after the wedding. To match the wedding dress and provide a striking contrast to the more colorful flowers in the arrangement, use a white pampas grass decor instead of the typical off-white in bridal and bridesmaid bouquets.

3. How to keep dried pampas grass from shedding ?

Ans: If you've ever owned pampas grass, you're well aware of how prone it is to shedding. When you move it about and arrange the stems of these bohemian plumes, there will be little bits of it everywhere. However, there is a simple pampas grass care to prevent it from happening.

After receiving your dried grass you will notice that it will be compact rather than fluffy and airy so what we suggest is to put the bundle in a vase and leave it alone for a few days. In just 24 hours, you'll notice a significant difference. However, give it a few days more. 

Once it has naturally fluffed up, you can put your pampas grass arrangements in a vase and use it to decorate your home. But before you go any further, liberally spray these feather plumes with strong-hold hairspray to prevent shedding so you can enjoy them for years to come. To maintain your pampas leaves and pampas flowers, re-spray every 6 months to help maintain fullness.

Although dry pampas grass is low-maintenance, if not properly conditioned, it loses its volume once it sheds. Also, when you put them in the vase, don't add water. Refrain from moving or shaking them as well because you can't stop shedding once it starts. 

4. Where can I buy feathers for crafts ?

Ans: Are you looking for the most luxurious and colorful feathers to use as a design element in clothes, crafts, ornaments, jewelry, and other decorations? Look no further because with our fashionable types of feathers such as ostrich feathers, peacock feathers, goose feathers, and turkey feathers your creativity know no bounds.

With our gorgeous and eye-catching natural decorative feathers, you can add a unique charisma to anything you desire. Fill vases with the dynamic appeal of our fluffy ostrich feather options, give extra color to your favorite DIY project with gold-tipped turkey feathers craft, or use vibrant peacock patterns to add texture and dimension to collages and more.

No matter what kind of art project you're working on, our variety of feathers for decor will help you make wonderful feather crafts for any occasion. Stock up on these high-quality feathers for decorating now. With our feather craft supplies, you can unleash your inner fashionista and embrace as many design options as possible.

5. Where to buy pampas grass ?

Ans: Looking for the latest trend in wedding and home decor? Here at TableclothsFactory, we have a variety of fluffy and voluminous pampas grass for sale that will suit any style and budget whether it's for weddings, baby showers, or home décor. With their huge feather-like tufts, these wheat-like ornamental grass will add instant texture to bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, flower arrangements, and more.

Our natural dried pampas grass and artificial pampas grass is the ideal way to bring the basic beauty of nature to your home decor or add contrasting texture to a flower arrangement. For an effortless styling effect, drop these feathery pampas stems in a tall vase or sprinkle them into a flower bouquet with living florals. Decorative, fluffy pampas grass bunches will also look beautiful in a floor vase and can be styled in a variety of ways for all seasons.

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