Have you got those swish plates, chargers, and glasses? Well, it’s time to stock up on silverware sets. In case you are planning to invite a big group of friends and family but don’t want to compromise on the looks of your tabletop, please don’t hesitate to shop from our collection of silverware & flatware. Crafted from inexpensive materials, these spoons, forks, and knives seem to be made from gold, silver, steel, and glass.

Thus, if you prefer classic materials, like stainless steel and silver, feel free to accommodate your guests’ dining needs with our 7'' silver premium quality disposable salad dessert forks, 7.25'' polished silver chambury plastic disposable spoon, and 7.75'' polished silver chambury plastic disposable knife, which will look perfect in combination with our 4'' x 8'' natural burlap silverware napkin holders cutlery holders pouch flatware organizer  To go along with your glittered cups, we strongly recommend you consider our 7'' glittered disposable dinner knives, 7'' glittered disposable plastic fork, and 7'' glittered disposable plastic spoon, which come with gold, blush, and silver glitters. Are you going to celebrate in an environmentally-friendly manner? Your tabletop will be incomplete without our all natural birch wood disposable spoon and all natural birch wood disposable knives

At tableclothsfactory, we strive to save you from unnecessary chores and expenses. With our disposable silverware and flatware sets, you’ll be able to not just  invite as many guests as you want without making it hard on your budget but will also be free from post-party chores. If you are interested, welcome to our flatware collection!

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