Floral Stand Centerpiece


Elegant Floral Stand Centerpiece For Outstanding Displays!

Floral Stand Centerpiece

If you have no idea of which centerpiece to choose for your tabletop, you can rest assured – you’ll never go wrong with fragrant blooms topping off glass or metal centerpiece stands. In case you already have decor flowers, provide them with “first-class seats” from our collection of wedding flower stands.

Is there a cocktail party on the agenda? Before you uncork the first bottle of bubbly to mix mimosa, be sure to have our long-stem martini flower vase centerpiece table decoration,  margarita flower vase centerpiece table decoration with fillable stem,  or flower vase centerpiece table decoration with fillable stem on your table – these tall centerpiece stands are ideal for creating whimsical displays with bouquets, underwater flowers, floating candles, jelly beads, acrylic strands, or LED ice. 

Looking for a tall floral stand with acrylic strands? We can give you a hand with our tall exotic designer crystal garland chandelier wedding centerpiece, elegant metal votive tealight crystal candle holder wedding centerpiece, and beyond – these tall metal floral stands are perfect both as candle holders and flower ball centerpiece risers.  In case you are on the lookout for something other than tall gold centerpiece vases for your floats, you won’t be able to say ‘no’ to our metallic silver floating candle pedestal bowl flower pot wedding centerpiece.

Preview our large selection of beautifully designed metal flower stands for weddings and centerpiece holders. From simple to stylish pieces, each tall centerpiece stands is crafted from high-quality material to elevate your flower decorations to the new level of gorgeousness.

Wedding Flower Stand
Tall Centerpiece Stands

Available in a variety of designs and finishes including matte gold, sleek silver, ombre glass, and crystal beaded, these flower display stands are designed to hold flower bouquet, candle centerpieces, or both. Whether you are a professional florist or a DIY bride, you will love these unique and tall centerpiece stands.

We realize that the centerpiece not only ties the décor together but also serves as a conversation starter for people who were assigned to sit together. With our flower display stand centerpieces, your guests will never forget this event. If you are ready to host something unforgettable, please shop from our collection, only at TableclothsFactory!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy plant stands ?

Ans: When you want to create some interesting accents in a room or event space, metal plant stands are excellent for the job. Plant and flower arrangement stands help add detailing to your indoor and outdoor decor. No matter what style preference you have, you can find a wedding flower stand that works for you.

So if you are planning a grand banquet and you want to match that with metal flower stands or if you’re looking for a flower ball stand to enhance your dessert and wedding tables, you can find whatever you like here at TableclothsFactory!

2. Where to buy display stands ?

Ans: TableclothsFactory understands that you want to present your decor and centerpieces in the most eye-catching way possible. What better way to display your flower arrangements than a floral display stand? Our tall centerpiece stands are a great medium to present whimsical displays of bouquets or even delicious cakes and pastries.

So, what are you waiting for? Add our versatile and functional tall flower stands to your collection now. You'll find a wide range of uses for these metal flower stand for weddings only at TableclothsFactory.com.

3. How to decorate a pedestal stand ?

Ans: Create an impressive stage for your favorite objects with our sleek acrylic pedestal stand. Use one or stack all sizes for a tiered effect. Multipurpose and versatile, these flower stand centerpieces can be used for anything and everything; your delicious pastries and cakes, create a gorgeous display of vibrant blooms and succulents and exhibit eye-catching candle decorations to impress your guests and loved ones.

For an effortless decorating style, you can use acrylic vase fillers, pearl beads, pebbles, silk flower and leaf garlands, candle centerpieces, LED lights, and rhinestone stickers to accentuate them and give them a whole new look. 

4. How to create tall wedding centerpieces ?

Ans: Create visually appealing tall wedding centerpieces for weddings, baby showers, or any other special event with these simple steps.

  • Start by pre-soaking two floral foams in water. Once the foam is completely drenched, set them on a clear lomey dish and secure with waterproof tape.
  • Once your mechanics are in place, it’s time to begin setting your flowers.
  • Start adding the biggest focal flowers. Then start filling in the gaps with the smaller buds and focal fills.
  • Consider the shape you want to make with each flower you put in your arrangement.
  • Keep rotating the design to make sure your arrangement looks sharp and stable.
  • After you've used whatever fills and focal flowers you want, go back and cover any other mechanics with greens or fills.
  • Once done, place the arrangement atop our acrylic pedestal riser or choose from our various tall flower ball stands.
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