Flower Bouquets



Flower Bouquets

Flower Bouquets

Diverse styles of embellishing the décor drift in and drift out, but the age-old trend of accentuating and decorating with flowers, has not lost its charm. There is no denying the fact that flower bouquets are an integral part of every occasion, be it a bosom date, an engagement, a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, an apology or even a funeral. With our extensive collection of faux flower bouquets, you can effortlessly add colour and beauty to your home or party space to last for a lifetime.

Floral bouquets never fail to impress the guests and embellish the venue. Fresh flowers are short-lived, they wither and wilt. Whereas, our breath-taking collection of flamboyant, silken, foam, artificial flower bouquets add a bewitching magical aura to the home, office, wedding or any formal event to give it a festive feel. They can be glued to aisle path, arch decoration, centerpiece display, DIY hair accessories, and sweet floral arrangements. 

Artificial flower bouquets are adorable, versatile and durable; and serve a plethora of décor purposes. Red roses - an embodiment of love for centuries, convey a message of romance and passion. No one can deny the lovely realistic look, ravishing beauty and radiant appeal of our Red Foam Rose and surely these are the best choice for couples to commemorate a date or an anniversary.

Our Ivory Dahlia Flower Stem makes fascinating bouquets and adds a pop of cheer to spread floral flair. These delicate silk textured flowers are perfect to create wreaths. The never wither gorgeous Artificial Lavender Bouquet is a perfect fit for coffee tables, office desk, shelves and counters. Our Gold Baby Breath Flowers can be used as fillers to add volume to the bouquets and can be used in amalgamation with other flowers to create a fanciful blend of exquisite delicacy. Our silk flower bouquets can be customized with wreaths and hoops to create the desired look on themed events. 

Bunch Of Flowers
Faux Flower Arrangements

Our floral tapes, velcro fasteners, and bouquet holders are some essentials, that will make crafting and decorating with these faux flowers a real fun experience. Our floral tape is ideal to be used as adhesive to glue bouquets, corsages, backdrops or wreaths.

Choose the best, hand crafted flowers at an economical price from our vast variety of flower bouquets to meet your expectations. Allow your décor to be the talk of the town and check out our other trending décor supplies like candles, bushes, centerpieces, ribbons and decorations to create an astounding and splendid décor. To choose your favourite blossoms at affordable prices, don’t hesitate to visit our entire collection now!




1. How to put together a fake flower bouquet ?

Ans: The fastest way to fill a vase is to buy a pre-made flower arrangement bouquet and place them in your favorite container. But if you like a great challenge and want to arrange a bouquet of flowers yourself in the most fabulous vase, read on because in less than an hour you will have one that will spark just as much joy all year round as it will once you are done.

Before you start designing your faux flower arrangements, it is highly recommended to consider the season and mood so that you have an idea of what type of silk bouquets and color scheme to choose from when shopping for a bunch of flowers. The next challenge is finding the perfect container to store your arrangement. Once the most formidable part is over, you can now start to get creative and have fun playing and designing a very realistic artificial bouquet arrangement. 

Fluff, bend, and crisscross stems to achieve the right angle or shape and make your artificial flower arrangement for home look more realistic. Place the blooms with the least quantity last. You can also use filler greens to make your bouquet more luscious and to add texture and variety. If you have selected a clear vase as your vessel, you can add water to make your design more authentic even up close.

2. How high should flowers stick out of vase ?

Ans: Two possible things can happen when you put a big bouquet of flowers in a vase or container: either they would look awkward or they would look incredibly beautiful. This is why when doing floral arrangements, it is important that your design is well balanced, proportionate, and shows harmony to create a real impact. And making sure the height of your flowers for bouquet matches your vase perfectly can be a major turning point.

For traditional flower arrangements, the general rule of thumb is that the length of floral stems should not be more than half or twice the height of the vessel. For centerpieces, the overall height of your large artificial flower arrangements should be at least 18 inches to avoid visual obstructions.

The opening of the vase is also another thing to consider. If it is too wide, it may not hold up the stems properly and you could end up losing the shape of your silk flower arrangement. If the opening is also too narrow, it could restrict the design of the bouquet or even damage the stems.

3. What goes with roses in a bouquet ?

Ans: Whether for decorating a home or for use at events, most of us would agree that rose bouquet of flowers are a classic favorite, as they are undeniably beautiful and a real show-stopper. In addition, roses have almost everything one looks for in a flower: elegance, class, and style. That's why mixing a rose flower arrangement with other romantic flowers not only adds pizzaz to your arrangement but is also a way to put your personal flair into your design.

Here are our top picks that deserve to share the spotlight with the perennially popular roses.

  • Calla lilies. These elegant flowers for bouquets feature a unique shape that distinguishes them from other synthetic flowers. A combination of roses and calla lilies can surely dazzle anyone with impeccable taste.
  • Chrysanthemums. Associating multicolored mums with a bunch of roses will create a hot color palette, a perfect way to spice up your faux flower centerpieces.
  • Dahlias. These large, colorful blooms when showcased with roses will create an eye-popping effect.
  • Lilies. They come in a wide range of vibrant blooms that work great with roses to create visual appeal.
  • Peonies. Their huge single blooms that are sitting beautifully atop straight stems make them a nice pick for many mixed flower bouquet decor ideas. 

    4. How long do silk flowers last ?

    Ans: For most people, having a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a way to fill those empty areas and sections around the house. However, not everyone is blessed with a green thumb, which is why people opt for silk florals because they are available all year round, they are not as high maintenance as fresh flowers, they don’t require watering, and can survive in all weather conditions.

    When we talk about longevity, you might be wondering how long do artificial flowers last? Artificial flowers can actually last for years, especially when you know how to properly care for them. Scheduled cleaning can go a long way in maintaining the beauty and luster of your elegant flower bouquets.

    5. Where can I buy a bouquet of flowers ?

    Ans: Instantly update and brighten up your living space by investing and including a lovely artificial flower bouquet from TableclothsFactory on your list of must-have home accents. They are perfect for those who prefer a hassle-free interior style, plus they fit all budgets and are bursting with color so you can create either a simple flower bouquet or enchanting arrangements to adorn any room in your home. 

    Our silk flower bouquets range from single flower bouquets, silk rose bouquets, silk sunflowers, cream colored flowers, white artificial flower arrangements, rustic flower bouquets, and just about any type of artificial flower bundles or colors you want. They are cost-efficient as they can be used for a longer period compared to new ones and can be stored and reused as many times as you like.

    Also, these faux flower bouquets are designed to look and feel breathtakingly realistic than you can ever imagine, so you don't have to worry about them looking tacky and cheap. We understand that there is nothing quite like having real flowers in bouquets to use as home décor, and there is no better way to capture that feeling than with our high end silk flower arrangements.

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