Flower Bushes



Flower Bushes

While no celebration is complete without blossoms, these pieces of natural sophistication entail tons of problems: fragility, fussiness, and high prices are only a few issues faced by event planners. However, there is no need to participate in this “flower hassle” or, despairingly give up on the entire idea! With our collection of artificial flower bushes, you’ll be able to bathe in blossoms without fearing that they will devour your decoration budget or wilt at the worst possible moment.

Made from silk, paper, and burlap, our flower bushes are exact replicas of real blossoms. Available in a variety of species, they can complement any theme. For example, for a spring-inspired décor, you can go for our tulips & primrose, cherry & peach blossoms, peony & hydrangea, or other silk artificial flowers. For an exotic touch, please take our silk lilies wholesale, and amaryllis & calla lily. On top of that, our buttercup & baby breath and delphinium, freesia & zinnia will add volume and dimension into any arrangement. Regardless of the species, all our paper, foam, burlap, and silk flower bushes come in a rainbow of colors. At the same time, they are extremely versatile: you can arrange them into bouquets, wreaths, centerpieces, vertical flowering shrubs, or utilize them to spruce up your pew bows, cakes, and backdrops.

At tableclothsfactory.com, we understand that the significance of flowers in event décor is undisputable. That said, since flowers are fragile, they can wither away in the middle of a celebration. High-quality, versatile, and inexpensive, our artificial flower bushes can withstand dozens of events without losing their visual appeal. Are you interested? Please don’t hesitate to drop by our collection of silk bushes to see the entire range.

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